Janesville Craig’s and Janesville Parker’s gymnastics teams came up short Thursday night in Big Eight Conference dual meets.

Craig lost a close meet to Sun Prairie, 128.75-126.95.

Parker lost at Madison Memorial, 133.025-109.55.

Olivia Rebout won uneven bars and was second in the all-around to lead the Cougars.

“Our girls did pretty well,” Craig coach Jean Welch said. “We had a few mistakes that cost us tonight. We’re working on upgrading routines, so there is some work needed.

“It was a close meet, and our girls are battling through some injuries.”

Jenna Runaas was second in all-around for Parker’s top finish.

“We have been adding their new skills to our routines, and now we need to work on cleaning up performances with those added new skills that we are achieving,” Parker coach Heidi Jegerlehner said.

“This was a tough week with the end of the semester and finals. Then add in all of the illnesses/sickness going around. Tough combo for student-athletes this week.”

Both city schools compete in the Purgolder Invitational on Saturday.

MEMORIAL 133.025, PARKER 109.55Vault—1. Tea Hellen (M) 9.025; 2. Anna Vander Meer (M) 8.375; 3. Alexa Schaefer (M) 8.35

Uneven bars—1. Sophia O’Keefe (M) 8.5; 2. Alyssa Rios (M) 8.45; 3. Kate Yehle (M) 7.85

Balance beam—1. Schaefer (M) 8.775; 2. Jaya Carlson (M) 8.45; 3. Soleil Bieniek (M) 8.1

Floor exercise—1. Hellen (M) 8.75; 2. Yehle (M) 8.7; 3. Schaefer (M) 8.7

All-around—1. Schaefer (M) 33.325; 2. Jenna Runaas (P) 28.95; 3. Haleigh Komprood (P) 27.2

SUN PRAIRIE 128.75, CRAIG 126.95Vault—1. Ellie Studier (SP) 8.75; 2. Olivia Rebout (C) 8.7; 3. Amelia McDermott (SP) 8.4

Uneven bars—1. Rebout (C) 9.05; 2. McDermott (SP) 7.95; 3. Charli DeGarmo(C) 7.65

Balance beam—1. McDermott (SP) 9.0; 2. Studier (SP) 8.15; 3. Phoebe Werner (C) 8.05

Floor exercise—1. McDermott (SP) 8.9; 2. Taylor-Smith (SP) 8.85; 3. DeGarmo (C) 8.4

All-around—1. McDermott (SP) 34.25; 2. Rebout (C) 33.3; 3. DeGarmo (C) 31.95