The 1,000-point threshold is not easily attainable.

If you play 100 games at the varsity level in a four-year high school career, you would have to average at least 10 points per game.

And that’s assuming you are ready to play with the varsity team as a freshman. Many aren’t.

Paige Banks, Reagan Courier and Liz Kalk were. The Rock Valley Conference four-year standouts have all passed the 1,000-point mark this season.

Banks is a senior at Evansville, Courier a senior at Walworth Big Foot and Kalk a senior at Clinton.

Brian Kammerer is the head coach at Brodhead and has had to devise a way to try and stop all three of them at least twice each season for the last four years.

“To have three players go over 1,000 points in the same season is pretty impressive,” Kammerer said. “It tells you how good our conference is and how talented those three are.

“Banks is just a special player. Kalk, at times, could launch from anywhere on the court, and that made her tough to guard. And Courier, had she been injury-free this year, I really think Big Foot would’ve won some of those close games that they lost.

“I wish them all the best of luck next year.”

Banks was The Gazette’s area player of the year last season and a big reason the Blue Devils are closing in on a Rock Valley championship. She leads the Rock Valley in scoring at 18.6 points per game, and her floor leader abilities give her team a chance to make a long postseason run.

Kalk has gotten to know Banks well on and off the court and said playing against her is never easy.

“She’s a great player and someone that I really look forward to guarding,” Kalk said. “We’ve had some great battles on the court and have a lot of respect for each other.”

Banks echoed those thoughts on Kalk.

“On the court, she’s really tough to guard because she’s such a good shooter and passer,” Banks said. “But off the court, she’s such a super sweet girl.”

Kalk has elevated her game thanks to a devotion to the weight room. She started lifting in an offseason program along with the returning Clinton football players and said the added strength has paid dividends.

She leads the Rock Valley in assists at 4.6 per game and is averaging 12.1 points for a Clinton team that sits in second place in the conference.

“I was never much for lifting or anything like that my first couple years, but I knew that if I wanted to get better, I had to get into the weight room,” Kalk said. “Now, I never miss it.

“For me, it’s all about the team and our dream of playing at state. I know it’s a long shot, but it’s why we we’ve worked so hard. I like to score, but getting that big assist is way more important to me.”

Courier has played through a painful foot injury most of the season but has come on lately. She had a season-high 22 points in a win against Edgerton on Thursday night.

She’s averaging 12.8 points a game for a Big Foot team that is 6-8 in the conference and has lost a couple close games.

“The last name alone speaks for itself,” Kammerer said of Courier. “And Reagan is a player that Big Foot will definitely miss the next couple of years.

“Like I said, it’s too bad she wasn’t at full strength all season.”

Courier broke the school scoring record of 1,119 points, which was set by her sister, Jordyn.

Banks, Kalk and Courier are all hoping to play in college and are getting plenty of inquiries to their status for next year. None of them has committed anywhere yet.

With more than 1,000 points each on their resumes, finding a home at the next level shouldn’t be too tough for Paige Banks, Reagan Courier and Liz Kalk.