Lesson learned.

That’s the motto for the Lake Geneva Badger football team, which struggled last year to match the successes of previous seasons.

After winning 17 straight Southern Lakes Conference games and three straight conference championships, the Badgers lost their first four games before finishing with a disappointing 4-6 mark in 2018.

“It’s a cautionary tale that if you don’t take care of stuff in the offseason, you’re going to struggle,” Badger coach Matt Hensler said. “You can’t expect winning to just happen. You have to put in the work.”

With an experienced roster full of motivated players, Hensler’s squad is poised for redemption.

“We’ve got a lot of guys coming back who played a lot of football last season,” Hensler said. “It’s spread out on both sides of the ball.”

Senior quarterback Grant DuMez, who was limited to just three starts last year due to injury, returns to run Hensler’s complex offense that typically takes two years to master.

“Grant will go through some growing pains only starting three games last year,” Hensler said. “But he was motivated and had a good offseason. He spent some time on varsity as a sophomore, as well, so he knows what it takes to be a varsity performer.”

Lining up behind DuMez is senior running back Drew Laskowski, who started most of last season. Juniors Carter Lazzaroni and Tanner Garrels will also be in the mix. Senior Cole Gabor-Pullen will man the fullback position.

Senior Chase Hodkiewicz leads a deep receiving corps that also includes Frank Gentile, Will Faul, Tyler Deleskiewicz, Zach Lindbloom, and Kerry Gleiter.

“We’ve got guys that can block, but we also have big targets between 6-2 and 6-4 that can run” Hensler said. “In our most successful years, we’ve had pretty good targets to throw to off of play action.”

The most experienced part of the Badger offense will be the line.

First-team all-conference and three-year starter Kyle Freund will anchor the interior of the line with Nate Halpin, junior Dalton Creighton and Travis Bates. Ezra Annen, Christian Granat, and Kenny Police are battling for two tackle spots.

“Kyle is just a really good football player as a three-year starter and all-region performer,” Hensler said.

On the defensive side, Badger returns defensive ends Faul and Christian Nickel. Annan and Granat, Freund, Creighton and Josef Botello round out the experienced line.

“Faul has gotten offers from Division II and some (FCS) colleges,” Hensler said. “We expect a big year from him.”

The biggest battle is at linebacker, with Lazzaroni, Isaac Hodges, Lindbloom in the mix.

Hodkiewicz returns at safety to anchor the defensive backfield. Gentile will man a cornerback spot.

With an experienced group returning on both sides of the ball, the Badgers look to move up in the standings in the deep Southern Lakes Conference.

Badger 2019 roster

No. Name Yr. Ht. Wt. Pos.

1 Grant DuMez Sr. 6-4 2-7 QB/DB

2 Chandler Loveridge-Flores So. 5-10 155 RB/DB

3 Isaac Hodges Sr. 5-11 181 RB/LB

4 Wyatt Krueger So. 6-0 190 SE/LB

5 Jacob Harren Sr. 5-11 160 SE/DB

7 Tyler Deleskiewicz So. So. 6-5 197 SE/LB

9 Kegan Huger So. 6-0 162 QB/DB

10 Tannor Garrels Jr. 5-11 170 RB/DB

11 Josh McConnell Jr. 6-1 165 QB/DB

15 Joey Amann Jr. 6-1 176 SE/DB

16 Chase Hodkiewicz Sr. 6-0 181 SE/DB

19 William Faul Sr. 6-5 231 SE/DL

20 Calix Denny Jr. 5-9 160 RB/LB

22 Cole Gabor Sr. 6-1 226 RB/DL

23 Drew Laskowski Sr. 5-10 171 RB/LB

24 Vince Faul Jr. 6-0 160 SE/LB

25 Jacob Needle So. 5-9 159 RB/DB

27 Cole Berghorn So. 6-0 171 RB/LB

28 Manny Amann So. 5-8 141 RB/DB

30 Azayah Guerrero Jr. 5-10 175 RB/LB

31 Carter Lazzaroni Jr. 5-10 181 RB/LB

32 Jimmy Athans Fr. 5-8 155 RB/LB

42 Christian Nickel So. 6-4 224 TE/DB

44 Julian Jimanez Sr. 5-10 210 TE/LB

47 Zach Lindbloom Jr. 6-4 200 SE/LB

50 Kenneth Police Jr. 5-10 200 OL/DL

51 Simon Schuessler Jr. 6-4 181 OL/LB

52 Ezra Annen Sr. 6-4 250 OL/DL

53 Kyle Freund Sr. 6-3 280 OL/DL

55 william Dzierzanowski So. 6-2 183 OL/DL

58 Matt Lantz Sr. 6-0 180 OL/DL

59 John Peterson Sr. 6-0 211 OL/DL

60 Justin Davis Jr. 6-0 250 OL/DL

63 Yahir Castro Jr. 5-10 211 OL/DL

64 Antony Sanchez Jr. 6-0 240 OL/DL

65 Dalton Creighton Sr. 6-0 231 OL/DL

66 Connor Bates So. 6-0 195 OL/DL

68 Christian Granat Jr. 6-5 210 OL/DL

70 Alex Servin Sr. 6-4 195 OL/DL

72 Austyn Hannah Jr. 6-0 240 OL/DL

74 Michael Metz So. 6-0 237 OL/DL

75 Nathaniel Halpin Sr. 5-11 299 OL/DL

76 Josef Botello Sr. 5-10 270 OL/DL

77 Josh Frazier Sr. 5-8 180 OL/LB

78 Travis Bates Sr. 6-4 299 OL/DL

80 Frank Gentile Sr. 6-2 171 SE/DB

81 Kerry Gleiter Sr. 5-10 150 SE/DB

87 Andrew Cooper Jr. 5-8 150 SE/DB

88 Cole Kayser Jr. 6-3 165 SE/DB