Apart from the less-than-ideal weather conditions, Monday’s regional track and field meet in Verona went just about as planned for Janesville’s high school teams.

In all, the city had 26 individual entries and eight relay teams advance to Thursday’s WIAA Division 1 meet at Lake Geneva Badger.

Oregon leads the girls regional team race after Monday’s Verona Regional, while Monona Grove leads on the boys side. Team races won’t be official until after the pole vault, which was postponed to today.

Parker’s boys team sits third and has the most individual qualifiers in the city (nine). Brody Lippens boasted four qualifications—the long jump and 300 hurdles, and as a member of the 400- and 800-meter qualifying relay teams.

Dakota Schmaling won the 300 hurdles and qualified in the 110 hurdles, and Seamus Murphy was second in the 100, 200 and as part of the 400 relay team. And both Von Olson (6 feet) and Cortell Johnson (5-10) advanced in high jump.

“We kind of stopped both of them from jumping any further because they’d already made it,” Parker coach Dick Schuh said. “I tell them we can’t carry those heights to Thursday, so let’s save your legs.

“And we had Hugo Cruz make it in the 800. He’s one of our hardest workers, so that was good to see.”

The Craig boys picked up four regional titles and are in fourth place. Trevion Moore won the 110 hurdles and was part of the winning 400 and 800 relays. And senior Aaron Leverson easily won the 800 meters.

Other Cougars qualifiers were Alijah Jones in the 100 (and also as part of both winning relays), Bryan Bloomquist in the 3,200 and Craig’s 3,200 relay team.

“Very similar to the feel of our conference meet,” Craig boys coach Jeff Deininger said. “There’s always things to improve on in the relays.

“Leverson is running very well right now. He’s getting stronger as the season goes on.”

Senior Peyton Sippy won the 1,600 and 3,200 to help the Craig girls sit in fifth. Other regional titles came from Clare Hulick in the 800, as well as the Cougars’ 1,600 relay team.

Amy Groshan was part of that 4x400 team, as well as qualifying with the 4x100 team and in the 200 meters. Craig also got qualifications from Mae Williams (400), Kersten Edwards (high jump) and the 3,200 relay team.

“Our 4x4 team, that’s the best they’ve run all year,” Craig girls coach Brad Troeger said. “And the 4x1 getting third was icing on the cake. We didn’t know what we’d get there early in the year. They think they can go even faster, so Thursday should be interesting.

“We had a lot of PRs tonight and seem to be peaking at the right time.”

For the Parker girls, who are sixth, Ryann Porter celebrated her 16th birthday by qualifying for sectionals in four events (100 hurdles, 300 hurdles, triple jump and long jump), Julia Hartwig won her third straight regional shot put title and added a win in the discus and Brooke Graesslin finished second in the 400-meter dash.

“All the events we thought would make it through did,” Parker girls coach Kristin Collins said. “Ryann has really come a long way in the long jump. That wasn’t really one of the events on her radar at the beginning of the season.”

The pole vault competition was postponed until today.

Division 1 Verona Regional

Top four finishers advance to Thursday’s Badger Sectional


Oregon 131.33, Madison La Follette 106.33, Monona Grove 90, Verona 82, Janesville Craig 77.33, Janesville Parker 55, Mount Horeb 52, Stoughton 50, Beloit Memorial 14.


100—Ali Dorn (MG) 12.45, Scarlet Egwonwu (Oregon) 12.63, Tamiya Smith (Verona) 12.91, Addison Schipper (Oregon), 13.08.

200—Egwonwu 25.24, Dorn 25.34, Amy Groshan (Craig) 26.13, Emelia Lichty (Verona) 27.49.

400—Dorn 59.08, Brooke Graesslin (Parker) 1:01.73, Isabella Peterson (Oregon) 1:03.91, Mae Williams (Craig) 1:04.04.

800—Clare Hulick (Craig) 2:21.34, Leah Remiker (Verona) 2:22.48, Liz Uhl (Oregon) 2:27.34, Payton Jenks-Recker (MG) 2:28.83.

1600—Peyton Sippy (Craig) 5:24.85, Christine Hole Svennings (MLF) 5:28.01, Teal Coil-Otto (MG) 5:37.07, Gina Owen (Stoughton) 5:39.10.

3200—Sippy 11:33.31; Peighton Nelson (MG) 11:43.79; Hole Svennings 11:45.22; Margaret Ross (Sto) 11:56.06.

100 Hurdles—Alexis Jackson (Oregon) 14.80, Ryann Porter (Parker) 16.21, Montana Cruz (MLF) 16.36, Elise Goetzinger (MH) 16.70.

300 Hurdles—Jackson 46.25, Madelyn LaBorde (MH) 48.16, Lindsey LaBorde (MH) 48.74, Porter 50.76.

400 Relay—Verona 51.57, Madison La Follette 51.76, Craig 52.55, Beloit Memorial 52.77.

800 Relay—Oregon 1:44.64, Madison La Follette 1:47.11, Verona 1:49.79, Monona Grove 1:50.37.

1600 Relay—Craig (Groshan, Rileigh Elgas, Ellie Lorenz, Grace Meister) 4:12.75, Oregon 4:15.62, Stoughton 4:20.24, Verona 4:20.37.

3200 Relay—Monona Grove 9:52.97, Stoughton 9:56.63, Verona 10:04.62, Janesville Craig 10:10.61.

High Jump—Elise Goetzinger (MH) 5-02, Meryl Steele (MLF) 5-00, Egwonwu 5-00, Kersten Edwards (Craig) 5-00.

Long Jump—Alexis Jackson (Oregon) 18-05.50, Tyra Turner (MLF) 18-02.50, Kiara Lee (MLF) 17-06.25, Ryann Porter (Parker) 16-05.75.

Triple Jump—Turner 36-11, Lee 36-09, Porter 33-09, Ryleigh Cipril (MH) 32-07.50.

Shot Put—Julia Hartwig (Parker) 42-01.75, Ellen McCorkel (Oregon) 37-04.50, Ayona Johnson (MLF) 35-05, Alyssa Milski (Oregon) 34-03.25.

Discus—Rachel Witthuhn (Verona) 114-05, Hartwig 112-00, Johnson 109-00, Alexa Gabel (MH) 106-01.


Monona Grove 129.5, Verona 95.5, Janesville Parker 86, Janesville Craig 74, Oregon 67, Stoughton 65, Beloit Memorial 58, Madison La Follette 47, Mount Horeb 38


100—Sam McHone (Sto) 11.01; Seamus Murphy (JP) 11.20; Jayden Robinson (MG) 11.37; Alijah Jones (JC) 11.51.

200—McHone 22.43; Murphy 22.56; Jayden Joe-Wright (Ver) 22.89; Eric Bridges (BM) 23.43.

400—Carter Hendrickson (ore) 50.95; Alex Klinkner (MG) 51.11; Jared Jenkins (Ver) 51.17; Mason Jordan (Ver) 51.96.

800—Aaron Leverson (JC) 1:58.73; Gage Hunter (MG) 2:03.20; Brad Tuomi (Ver) 2:03.33; Hugo Cruz (JP) 2:04.03.

1600—James Giftos (MG) 4:31.62; Josh Freitag (ML) 4:32.91; Peter Barger (Ver) 4:34.82; Smith Mayse (BM) 4:37.09.

3200—Charlie Ellenbecker (MG) 9:50.10; Bryan Bloomquist (JC) 9:50.53; Chris Wolfe (ML) 9:58.09; Reed Anderson (MG) 9:59.32.

110 hurdles—Trevion Moore (JC) 14.80; Dakota Schmaling (JP) 15.15; Brett Clevidence (MG) 15.27; Lukas Laun-Smith (BM) 15.76.

300 hurdles—Schmaling 41.26; Kardelle Phillips (Ore) 41.29; Brody Lippens (JP) 42.01; Laun-Smith 42.36.

400 relay—Craig (Trevion Moore, Orion Mitchell, Gabe Rubine, Alijah Jones) 43.87; Verona 43.90; Parker 44.27; Monona Grove 44.81.

800 relay—Craig (Moore, Mitchell, Rubine, Jones) 1:31.44; Parker 1:31.73; La Follette 1:35.43; Verona 1:36.60.

1600 relay—Oregon 3:25.85; Verona 3:27.17; Monona Grove 3:30.71; Stoughton 3:31.18.

3200 relay—Monona Grove 8:16.91; Craig 8:19.74; Stoughton 8:21.02; La Follette 8:21.19.

Discus—Carter Aguilera (MG) 151-2; Amourii Grosskopf (BM) 150-1; Michael Williams-Davis (MG) 145-5; Jackson Acker (Ver) 140-3.

Shot put—Michael Williams-Davis (MG) 55-8; Brett Wannebo (Ore) 54-0.25; Grosskopf 51-10.5; Jackson Acker (Ver) 51-1.75.

Triple jump—Daniel Nesja (MH) 42-8; Kardelle Phillips (Ore) 42-7.5; Kayvion James Ragland (ML) 41-4; Shelvin Garrett (BM) 40-11.

High jump—Cal Ross (MH) 6-0; Von Olson (JP) 6-0; Laun-Smith 5-10; Cortell Johnson (JP) 5-10.

Long jump—McHone 21-11.5; John Auer (Ore) 21-7; Caden Lee (MH) 20-5.5; Lippens 20-3.