Friday night’s Cougar Relays belonged to the Parker Vikings.

Janesville Parker’s boys and girls track and field teams relied on their depth to win team titles in the 72nd running of the relays at Monterey Stadium.

The Parker girls finished with 142 points to win the five-team event, while the Vikings boys finished with 123.

Milton was second in the girls and Janesville Craig second in the boys.

Parker boys coach Dick Schuh said his team continues to make strides.

“Our jumpers really came through for us tonight,” Schuh said. “We put Tremar (Curry) in the high jump, which helped us win the event, and he also had the best jump in the triple. He continues to really show good progression.”

Curry, a senior, was on the winning high jump, triple and 800 relay teams.

The Craig boys got strong performances from senior Aaron Leverson and sophomore Bryan Bloomquist in finishing second. Bloomquist had the top time in the 3,200-meter run, while Leverson was on three winning relay teams.

“We had some guys step up tonight and fill roles because of some injuries,” Craig coach Jeff Deininger said. “And we also did very well in the sprints and distance relays.”

The Parker girls cruised to the team title behind big nights from Ryann Porter, Tina Shelton, Brooke Graesslin, Amber Schoville and Catie Gage.

Porter, a junior, was on four winning relay teams. She had the best individual effort in triple jump and the 300 low hurdles.

Schoville, a freshman, ran on three victorious relay teams and also had the best individual effort in pole vault.

“This was a meet that we really wanted to win,” Parker girls coach Mark Little said. “We talked about that at practice, and then filled out what we thought was our best lineup in each event.

“It came down to our depth. We only have 33 girls on the roster, but they went out and did a great job tonight.”

The Craig girls were strong in the distance relays, while also winning shot put and finishing second in discus.

Clare Hulick, Ivy White and Rylee Coleman all ran on two winning relays.

“I thought we did a really nice job in the throws,” Craig girls coach Brad Troeger said. “And our distance runners continue to do good things.”

Cougar Relays


Janesville Parker 126, Janesville Craig 119, Milton 106, Edgerton 73, Clinton 46


(Best individual effort listed)

400—1. Craig (Trevion Moore, Daniel Deltgen, Maurice Jones, Dan Graham) 44.63; 2. Parker 45.15

400 frosh/soph—1. Craig (Grant Mullen, Daniel Deltgen, Maurice Jones, Dan Graham) 46.39; 2. Parker 48.93

800—1. Parker (Anthony Brooks, Brody Lippens, Von Olson, Curry) 1:34.76; 2. Edgerton 1:37.5

800 sprint—1. Craig (Graham, Mullen, Moore, Leverson) 1:37.09; 2. Clinton 1:39.23

1600—1. Craig (Matt Dillon, Chase Currie, Zander Arena, Aaron Leverson) 9:01.33; 2. Edgerton 9:32.66

1600 sprint frosh/soph—1. Craig (Eli Shucha, Dylan Ressler, Luke Fenrick, Charles Ryan) 4:13.13; 2. Milton 4:30.03

3200 run—1. Craig (Bryan Bloomquist, Ethan Thompson, Charley Roe) 10:01.6; 2. Milton 34:99.90. Best individual—Bloomquist (Craig) 10:01.6

Distance—1. Craig (Leverson, Matthew Schroeder, Gabe Coleman, Bloomquist) 11:228.79; 2. Edgerton 12:00.42

300 hurdles—1. Parker (Brody Lippens, Patrick Mahaffey, Ethan Terry) 2:18.08; 2. Milton 2:22.42. Best individual—Dane Nelson (Milton) 43.82

330 shuttle—1. Milton (Dane Nelson, Evan Martin, Ben Soergel, Caleb Babcock) 52.33; 2. Parker 56.09

High jump—1. Parker (Tremar Curry, Ke’Shaun Pritchard, Von Olson) 17-0; 2. Edgerton 16-10. Best individual—Ben Soergel (Milton) 5-10

Long jump—1. Edgerton (Tony Beighley, Maxwell French, Jarod Aokoh) 54-10; 2. Parker 54-9. Best individual—Brody Lippens (Parker) 20-3.5

Triple jump—1. Parker (Curry, Pritchard, Tyler Blum) 115-6; 2. Craig 111-6. Best individual—Curry (Parker) 44-10

Pole vault—Best individual—Luke Rocha (Parker) 13-0

Discus—1. Parker (Nathan White, Jesse Severson, Jacob Brost) 326-4; 2. Milton 324-2. Best individual—Magnus Jenson (Craig) 128-4

Shot put—1. Craig (Jenson, Draven Hutto, Brennan McCombs) 108-10; 2. Parker 108-0. Best individual—Jenson (Craig) 45-10.5


Janesville Parker 142, Milton 105, Janesville Craig 88, Clinton 51, Edgerton 34


(Best individual effort listed)

400—1. Parker (Emma Draxler, Tina Shelton, Amber Schoville, Brooke Graesslin) 52.9; 2. Clinton 53.24

400 frosh/soph—1. Craig (Tia Moore, Myrka Ceballos, Emily Mergener, Brynn Blaser) 54.48; 2. Parker 56.23

3200—1. Craig (Clare Hulick, Ivy White, Rylee Coleman, Ellie Lorenz) 10:40.99; 2. Milton 11:08.91

800—1. Parker (Shelton, Graesslin, Schoville, Porter) 1:49.93; 2. Milton 1:58.0

800 sprint—1. Parker (Draxler, Schoville, Shelton, Graesslin) 1:55.81; 2. Clinton 1:59.6

1600 sprint frosh/soph—1. Parker (Abbigale Radtke, Brooke Payne, Martha Jacobson, Brooke Schroeder) 5:04.95; 2. Milton 5:25.48

1600—1. Clinton (Morgan Peterson, Kelsey Beaumont, Elyssa Pope, Sylvia Johnson) 4:23.75; 2. Craig 4:38.0

3200—1. Craig (Hulick, White, Coleman, Lorenz) 10:40.99; 2. Milton 11:08.91

3200 run—1. Craig (Gabby Petruzzello, Cambria Thompson, Emily Austin) 38:29.61; 2. Parker 38:39.45. Best individual—Catie Gage (Parker) 11:55.99

Distance medley—1. Craig (White, Elgas, Coleman, Hulick) 14:03.88; 2. Clinton 14:30.05

100 hurdles—1. Parker (Ashyln Burdick, Hayley Kenyon, Ryann Porter, Caitlyn Harrison) 53.64; 2. Milton 53.9

300 hurdles—1. Parker (Ryann Porter, Hayley Kenyon, Ashlyn Burdick) 2:45.61; 2. Milton 2:48.77. Best individual—Porter (Parker) 52.37

High jump—1. Milton (Katie Chesebro, Marilla Smith, Aysha Butler) 14-2; 2. Parker 12-10. Best individual—Chesebro (Milton) 5-0

Long jump—1. Milton (Amanda Ferguson, Lindsey Heitsman, Sophie Randall) 43-8; 2. Parker 40-5. Best individual—Ferguson (Milton) 14-11.75

Triple jump—1. Parker (Porter, Emma Lippens, Carlie Curtis) 92-11; 2. Milton 91-6. Best individual—Porter (Parker) 35-4

Discus—1. Parker (Sarah Varga, Mackenzie Schroeder, Makayla O’Leary) 260-0; 2. Craig 232-10. Best individual—Izzy Thompson (Craig) 105-09

Shot put—1. Craig (Thompson, Baylee Hernandez, Jessa Alderman) 84-9; 2. Edgerton 81-8. Best individual—Schroeder (Parker) 30-4

Pole vault—1. Parker (Amber Schoville, Madie Timm, Emma Draxler) 22-6. Best individual—Schoville (Parker) 8-6