Trevion Moore said he wanted to put Janesville on the map.

Moore certainly didn’t accomplish that feat all by himself, but he, his Janesville Craig teammates and their Janesville Parker counterparts ensured that the city will be as well-represented at the WIAA state track meet as it has been in recent memory.

Moore was part of three Division 1 sectional titles. Janesville Parker’s girls team saw two program records fall. The Craig boys sent all seven sectional-qualifying entries through to state. And the city got a combined 20 individual state qualifications and seven qualifying relays out of Thursday’s Badger Sectional.

Vikings records fall

When Julia Hartwig’s final shot of the day left her hand, she thought she’d put it about 38 feet.

“But it just kept going,” Hartwig said.

And when it finally came back to earth, the Parker junior had a school record she’s been striving for all season.

Hartwig’s mark of 43 feet, 3.75 inches easily won her the sectional title, and it outdistanced the old program record by plenty.

“When they said it was over 43, I went to jump in the air but told myself to stay cool,” Hartwig said.

“This just put me back into second (in the state honor roll). So it’ll just depend on how everyone throws at state. It’ll be fun.”

Hartwig also finished third in discus, giving her two state qualifications for a second year in a row.

Joining her in the school record books and as a multiple state qualifier was sophomore Ryann Porter.

Porter set the school mark in the triple jump with a leap of 37 feet, 6.5 inches, finishing third at sectionals. She was also third in the 100 hurdles.

Porter and Hartwig will be joined at state by teammates Taylor Grams, who was third in pole vault, and Brooke Graesslin, who was third in the 400 meters.

Craig boys make it a clean sweep

The Craig boys had four individual and three relay sectional qualifiers.

They have four individual and three state qualifiers.

The Cougars made it a sweep, including winning five sectional titles.

Moore had a hand in three of them, winning the 110 hurdles in 14.75 seconds and running leadoff in the winning the 400 and 800 relays. Orion Mitchell, Gabe Rubine and Alijah Jones followed him in each one of those relays.

“I love these guys,” said Jones, who also qualified in the 100 by finishing third. “We’ve just clicked, and it’s been so good. We’re always on the same page, know what each other is going to do, and our handoffs are always crisp.”

Aaron Leverson won the 800 in 1:57.00 and ran anchor for the 4x800-meter relay team that took second.

“I wanted to start kicking from 300 out (in the 800),” said Leverson, who pulled away from Elkhorn’s Derek Davey late. “I knew he was a good 400 runner and probably has a little more wheels than I do.”

Freshman Bryan Bloomquist put the icing on the Craig boys’ night by winning the 3,200 in 9:41.38.

Murphy, Schmaling help Parker boys to second place

A year ago, Seamus Murphy missed out on going to state by one one-hundreth of a second.

This year, he’ll run at La Crosse in three events.

The Parker senior won the 100-meter dash, was second in the 200 and ran anchor for the qualifying 800 relay team, and Parker scored 78 team points to finish second, 11 behind Monona Grove.

“I’ve raced that guy probably 15 times,” Murphy said of second-place finisher Sam McHone of Stoughton. “To beat him here, with my whole family here, is a real big deal for me.

“It took me a week or so” to get over last year’s close call, Murphy said. “Then I was more motivated than ever. You’ve got to fail to succeed.”

Palmer Goodwick also won a sectional title in pole vault, going 13 feet.

John Dunn, Brody Lippens and Cortell Johnson were part of the 400 and 800 relays that qualified for state, and Casey Vanderlinden was part of the 4x100.

Senior Dakota Schmaling finished second in both boys hurdles events, and Von Murphy was second in the high jump with a personal-best leap of 6-foot-1.

Craig girls distance runners excel

The Craig girls knew their distance runners would be their strong suit this season, and Thursday was no different.

Senior Peyton Sippy, who won a D1 state cross country title last fall, will run twice again in La Crosse after cruising to victories in the 1,600 and 3,200 meters.

Amy Groshan, Rileigh Elgas, Ellie Lorenz and Grace Meister teamed up to close out the night with a victory in the 1,600-meter relay, and earlier Lorenz, Meister, Mae Williams and Clare Hulick took second in the 3,200 relay.

Hulick was also second in the 800, while Groshan was third in the 200.

“There was a little bit of pressure, of course, but I just wanted to go out there and do my best,” said Hulick, a freshman who has scored the second-most team points for the Craig girls this year. “I’m just really happy to be a part (of the relay). We ran a lot better here than we ran at regionals.”

Area qualifiers

Brothers Derek and Devon Davey are headed to state. Derek, an Elkhorn senior, won the 400 and was second in the 800 to cement his return to La Crosse. Devon finished second to his brother in the 400.

Elkhorn’s girls 4x100-meter relay team qualified for state by finishing second.

Milton had three state qualifiers: Chrissy Hughes (girls 100 hurdles), Katie Chesebro (girls high jump) and Kyle Hanauska (boys high jump).

Badger’s Courtney Oomens was second in discus.

The state meet is June 1-2 on the campus of UW-La Crosse.

Division 1 Badger Sectional


Madison La Follette 94, Oregon 83, Janesville Craig 60, Monona Grove 59, BAdger 52, Janesville Parker 49, Verona 46, Wilmot 38, Fort Atkinson 37, Milton 35, Elkhorn 32, Mount Horeb 29, Westosha Central 29, Burlington 24, Stoughton 21, Delavan-Darien 8, Beloit Memorial 4


100—Ali Dorn (MG) 12.17; Scarlet Egwuonwu (O) 12.26; Tamiya Smith (Ver) 12.67.

200—Dorn 27.64,; Egwuonwu 24.96; Amy Groshan (JC) 26.45.

400—Dorn 56.68; Arianna Mansavage (FA) 57.05; Brooke Graesslin (JP) 1:00.52.

800—Leah Remiker (Ver) 2:21.93; Clare Hulick (JC) 2:24.34; Amara Trent (Bad) 2:24.46.

1600—Peyton Sippy (JC) 5:06.28; Meghan Capra (WC) 5:18.97; Christine Hole Svenningsen (ML) 5:29.35.

3200—Sippy 11:16.17; Peighton Nelson (MG) 11:35.92; Hole Svenningsen 11:37.31.

100 hurdles—Alexis Jackson (O) 14.45, Chrissy Hughes (Mil) 15.27, Ryann Porter (JP) 15.77.

300 hurdles—Jackson 43.86; Madelyn LaBorde (MH) 46.52; Lindsey LaBorde (MG) 47.47.

400 relay—La Follette 50.23; Elkhorn (Keyasia Jones, Mackenzie Constable, Madison Page, Isabella Ewan) 50.48; Verona 51.22.

800 relay—Oregon 1:42.78; La Follette 1:45.46; Verona 1:49.07.

1600 relay—Craig (Amy Groshan, Rileigh Elgas, Ellie Lorenz, Grace Meister) 4:08.73; Wilmot 4:09.97; Oregon 4:10.82.

3200 relay—Monona Grove 9:47.93; Craig (Lorenz, Mae Williams, Meister, Hulick) 9:49.35; Stoughton 9:50.63.

High jump—Elise Goetzinger (MH) 5-5; Katie Chesebro (Mil) 5-5; Samantha Serak (Wil) 5-4.

Long jump—Kiara Lee (ML) 19-0.25; Tyra Turner (ML) 18-11.5; Jackson 18-6.25.

Triple jump—Turner 39-11.5; Lee 39-5; Porter 37-6.5.

Discus—Ayona Johnson (ML) 125-5; Courtney Oomens (Bad) 118-7; Julia Hartwig (JP) 118-4.

Shot put—Hartwig 43-3.75; Johnson 38-6; Ellen McCorkel (Ore) 38-0.25.

Pole vault—Nyssa Zuehls (Wil) 10-6; Lauren Bilau (FA) 10-3; Taylor Grams (JP) 10-0.


Monona Grove 89, Janesville Parker 78, Elkhorn 70, Janesville Craig 64, Verona 63, oregon 48, Stoughton 45, Badger 45, Beloit Memorial 40, Madison La Follette 31, Burlington 28, Fort Atkinson 24, Milton 23, Wilmot 23, Mount Horeb 15, Delavan-Darien 6, Westosha Central 6


100—Seamus Murphy (JP) 10.90; Sam McHone (Sto) 11.01; Alijah Jones (JC) 11.14.

200—McHone 22.08; Murphy 22.24; Jayden Joe-Wright (Ver) 22.48.

400—Derek Davey (Elk) 50.28; Devon Davey (Elk) 50.85; Jared Jenkins (Ver) 50.94.

800—Aaron Leverson (JC) 1:57.00; Der. Davey 1:58.11; Brad Tuomi (Ver) 1:59.86.

1600—Peter Barger (Ver) 4:25.61; James Giftos (MG) 4:27.51; Josh Freitag (ML) 4:31.68.

3200—Bryan Bloomquist (JC) 9:41.38; Charlie Ellenbecker (MG) 9:42.53; Chris Wolfe (ML) 9:47.19.

110 hurdles—Trevion Moore (JC) 14.75; Dakota Schmaling (JP) 15.05; Brett Celvidence (MG) 15.08.

300 hurdles—Kardelle Phillips (Ore) 39.16; Schmaling 40.06; Cullen Ketterhagen (Wil) 40.17.

400 relay—Craig (Trevion Moore, Orion Mitchell, Gabe Rubine, Alijah Jones) 43.78; Verona 43.80; Parker (John Dunn, Brody Lippens, Casey Vanderlinden, Cortell Johnson) 44.19.

800 relay—Craig (Moore, Mitchell, Rubine, Jones) 1:29.91; Parker (Dunn, Brody Lippens, Johnson, Murphy) 1:29.96; Wilmot 1:32.04.

1600 relay—Oregon 3:22.23; Verona 3:23.20; Stoughton 3:25.68.

3200 relay—Monona Grove 8:08.08; Craig (Blake McCann, Zander Arena, Matthew Dillon, Leverson) 8:08.59; La Follette 8:09.44.

High jump—Cal Ross (MH) 6-1; Von Olson (JP) 6-1; Kyle Hanauska (Mil) 6-1.

Long jump—McHone 22-5; John Auer (Ore) 22-2; Nick WEbley (Bur) 22-1.5.

Triple jump—Kardelle Phillips (Ore) 44-3.5; Kayvion James Ragland (ML) 42-3; Shelvin Garrett (BM) 41-10.5.

Discus—Michael Williams-Davis (MG) 165-6; Carter Aguilera (MG) 164-11; Amourii Grosskopf (BM) 143-6.

Shot put—Williams-Davis 58-9; Grosskopf 54-1; Brett Wannebo (Ore) 54-0.75.

Pole vault—Palmer Goodwick (JP) 13-0; Leo Curatola (MG) 12-9; Evan Ouk (Sto) 12-6.