The underlying theme at WIAA regional track and field meets every year remains the same: survive and advance.

A school-record time or mark is not needed on this day. A top-four finish will be enough to advance to sectional competition three nights later.

That message was delivered with even more emphasis around the state Monday, when rainy conditions prevailed. In three instances, regionals were postponed until today. At four other locations, the pole vault portion of competition was also put on hold a day.

At the Division 2 meet at Beloit Turner, a steady drizzle was sometimes a bit of a nuisance. But other than needing a leaf blower to try and keep the shot and discus rings dry to allow for stable footing, the show went on as planned.

Monroe won both the boys (127 points) and girls (118.5) regional titles, with the Brodhead/Juda girls (92) and Clinton boys (82) coming in second.

The top four finishers in each event qualified for Thursday’s sectional meet at Lancaster.

Harding more than OK

after scare

By now, regionals should have been old hat for Brodhead/Juda senior Madee Harding. She’s qualified for the state meet in two events each of the past three years and went on to medal in all six of those events.

Yet Monday’s meet was still nerve-racking.

The last time Harding competed was at the Rock Valley Conference meet May 12 in Jefferson. And she left in an ambulance after running the 400 meters.

“I got taken to the ER in Jefferson and then transported to Madison,” Harding said. “They think it was just dehydration. ... I ran all my races tight, and I don’t even remember finishing the 400.

“I had a lot of (tests since then) and they told me everything was perfect. ... My prescription (today) was Gatorade and potato chips. That’s like the best of both worlds.”

That menu worked just fine.

Harding won the 400 meters, was second in the 200 and was part of the Cardinals’ regional title-winning 4x400-meter relay team.

“It was a very big relief today,” said Harding, who will run at University of Hawaii.

Oren, Zartman lead Tide

The offseason workouts continue to pay off for Edgerton senior Brock Zartman.

A state qualifier a year ago in the 200 meters and the 800 relay, he entered the postseason with top-five times in the state in Division 2, according to statistics compiled by

Zartman won both the sprints Monday, and also was second in long jump, to help the Crimson Tide boys finish third.

“I think it goes to my coach, Carey Passer,” Zartman said. “He’s worked with me since July of last year and had me in the weight room. It’s just the hard work, I guess.

“It’s been exciting and fun—one heck of a ride. And there’s still more to come.”

The Edgerton girls team was fourth behind four qualifications from four-year standout Ashlyn Oren. She won the high jump and long jump and was second in the 100 and third in the 200.

Oren, who has medaled at state eight times in the past three years, said she hasn’t been satisfied with her times and marks lately but is trying not to put undue pressure on herself in her final run toward state.

“My 100 has not been as fast as it should be, and the 200 takes a lot of energy out of me. And in the long jump, I jumped an 18-9 the second week of the season but haven’t hit 18 since then,” Oren said. “It’s been rough, but it’s fine. It’s my senior year, so I’m trying not to stress about it.

“Natalie (Gould) and Olivia (Brittan) have been doing really well, and Brock’s been really good, so even if I just make it in one event, I’m going to be with them and it’ll be OK.”

Beaumont soaring for Clinton

Clinton senior Austin Beaumont never got to compete at regionals last year. He broke his ankle while pole vaulting earlier in the season, and he still has a plate and six screws to show for it.

But Beaumont never wavered in his desire to compete, and he seems to be hitting his stride at the right time. He cleared 13 feet, 6 inches, on his first attempt Monday. And while he couldn’t clear 13-9 in three attempts, he feels good about where he’s at.

“I never really got to see what I was last year,” said Beaumont, who still has his sights set on breaking the school record of 14 feet. “I’ve had a little lower back trouble this year, but things are starting to click.

“The main goal is getting to state. The winning jump there was only 13-9 last year.”

The Clinton boys racked up most of their points in the field events. Clayton Hahn won both the discus and shot put, and teammate Kenny Ballmer finished second and third, respectively, in those events.

Fillner wins mile in a photo finish

For some, coasting to a top-four finish at regionals is easier said than done.

Evansville sophomore McKenzie Fillner and Brodhead/Juda freshman Madelyn McIntyre came into the day with seed times within 1.5 seconds of each other in the 1,600 meters.

Fillner and McIntyre didn’t necessarily push the pace at regionals, but they clearly outdistanced the pack. And when it came to the final 200 meters, the footrace was on.

And it resulted in a photo finish. Fillner won by one-hundreth of a second.

“My coach told me to not go too hard, because I also have the 800. He wanted me to save some,” said Fillner, who later finished fourth in the 800. “I could’ve gone a lot faster the first two laps.

“I like running against her (McIntyre). She’s really nice. Sectionals are going to be tough.”

Division 2 Turner Sectional

Top four in each event qualify for Lancaster Sectional


Monroe 118.5, Brodhead/Juda 92, McFarland 90, Edgerton 78.5, Madison Edgewood 76, Clinton 66, Big Foot/Williams Bay 56, Belleville/New Glarus 47, Turner 46, Evansville 32


100—Cammi Ganshert (Mon) 12.55; Ashlyn Oren (Edg) 12.66; Kiara Donnell (BNG) 12.88; Nikkia Johnson (Edg) 13.23.

200—Ganshert 25.74; Madee Harding (BJ) 25.88; Oren 26.29; Johnson 27.29.

400—Harding 59.10; Cora Purdue (BJ) 59.58; Maeve O’Driscoll (ME) 1:00.67; Grace Gillingham (BF) 1:01.11.

800—Caitlin Link (ME) 2:20.48; Alexandria Demco (BF) 2:23.16; Purdue 2:24.89; McKenzie Fillner (Eva) 2:29.47.

1600—Fillner 5:33.26; Madleyn McIntyre (BJ) 5:33.27; Sophia Foster (BF) 5:48.35; Tayler Yapp (BNG) 5:52.14.

3200—Maddie McClimon (ME) 11:57.16; Ella Weaver (McF) 12:05.16; Arianna Moede (McF) 12:24.11; McIntyre 12:32.74.

100 hurdles—Cassi Gersbach (Mon) 15.92; Jessica Jacobson (Cli) 16.63; Rhianna Teubert (BJ) 16.71; Natalie Gould (Edg) 16.72.

300 hurdles—Jacobson 47.87; Gersbach 48.03; Skye Eliades (McF) 49.10; Teubert 49.82.

400 relay—Turner (Jayla Chancy, Breanne Baker, Montana McMahon, Destiny Wash) 52.61; Belleville/New Glarus 53.35; Monroe 53.46; Edgewood 53.98.

800 relay—Big Foot/Williams Bay (Claire Beyers, Reagan Courier, Grace Gillingham, Alexandria Demco), 1:49.41; Monroe 1:49.82; Turner 1:51.00; Brodhead/Juda 1:53.21.

1600 relay—Brodhead/Juda (Cora Purdue, Madee Harding, Nicole Kamholz, Erin Nyhus), 4:06.55; Edgewood 4:07.04; Big Foot/Williams Bay 4:12.07; McFarland 4:18.97.

3200 relay—Edgewood 9:58.73; McFarland 10:05.75; Brodhead/Juda 10:40.85; Monroe 10:47.18.

High jump—Oren 5-0, Presley Hasse (Tur) 4-10; Faith Koester (Mon) 4-10; Sydney Mathiason (Mon) 4-8.

Long jump—Oren 17-10.5; Gersbach 15-10; Demco 15-8.25; Lydia Brandt (McF) 15-1.

Triple jump—Gersbach 33-2; Courtney Gotto (McF) 32-9; Olivia Brittan (Edg) 31-11; Olivia Tinder (Tur) 31-10.

Shot put—Chloe Bunker (Mon) 36-5.5; Riley Hartwig (Mon) 34-0; Payton Severson (Cli) 33-9; Payton Courier (BF) 33-6.

Discus—Teresa Klopp (Eva) 118-4; Katherine Rounds (McF) 114-9; Severson 111-3; Haiden Zimmerman (BNG) 110-1.5.

Pole vault—Samantha Pill (McF) 10-3; Jacobson 9-0; Teubert 8-6; Johnson 8-6.


Monroe 127, Clinton 82, Edgerton 80.5, McFarland 80, Brodhead/Juda 76, Belleville/New Glarus 66, Madison Edgewood 55, Evansville 51, Turner 44.5, Big Foot/Williams Bay 35


100—Brock Zartman (Edg) 10.88; Jordan Montgomery (Mon) 11.14; Jeff Williams (BJ) 11.50; Max Harding (BJ) 11.57.

200—Zartman 22.19; Dalton Fahey (BNG) 23.37; Devin Jorgensen (Edg) 23.70; Cesar Ochoa (Edg) 23.96.

400—Fahey 51.63; Jonah Tostrud (Mon) 51.64; Justice Tway (BJ) 53.22; Josh Grebel (BNG) 53.94.

800—Drake Ingold (Mon) 2:02.74; Jason Koller (Mon) 2:02.77; Patrick Fasick (McF) 2:03.06; Jackson Stencil (Eva) 2:04.59.

1600—Andrew Pahnke (McF) 4:33.91; Ingold 4:34.25; Tommy Beyer (ME) 4:34.87; Elias Kemna (McF) 4:35.34.

3200—Pahnke 10:05.42; Kyle Legler (Mon) 10:07.00; Riley Siltman (Eva) 10:07.51; Tommy Crooks (ME) 10:07.56.

110 hurdles—David Martin (BF) 15.07; Cole Myers (BNG) 15.07; Alejandro Trinidad (ME) 16.29; Trevor Rodebaugh (Mon) 16.50.

300 hurdles—Myers 40.40; Martin 40.49; Brady Deegan (Eva) 41.02; jack McGinn (McF) 42.08.

400 relay—Monroe 44.49; Clinton 44.78; Brodhead/Juda 44.80; Edgerton 45.53.

800 relay—Monroe 1:32.06; Clinton 1:33.50; Brodhead/Juda 1:34.06; Edgewood 1:35.57.

1600 relay—Clinton (Jackson Nelson, Brice Enright, Tyler Stauss, Zach Krause), 3:29.09; Monroe 3:29.43; Belleville/New Glarus 3:36.33; Evansville 3:37.46.

3200 relay—Monroe 8:33.61; Edgewood 8:52.33; Belleville/New Glarus 8:58.82; McFarland 8:59.76.

Discus—Clayton Hahn (Cli) 154-6; Kenny Ballmer (Cli) 148-1; Cadin Bohn (Tur) 144-1; Tyson Welsch (Mon) 133-9.

Shot put—Hahn 50-4.5; Mark Leubke (ME) 47-10; Ballmer 44-11.5; Bohn 44-10.

Pole vault—Austin Beumont (Cli) 13-6; Caleb Ellefson (Cli) 12-0; Ethan Krause (Edg) 12-0; Vivek Tara (McF) 10-6.

Triple jump—Jo’Vontae Coleman (Tur) 43-2.25; Evan Crane (McF) 42-8.75; Brayden Zettle (Mon) 42-8; Trinidad 41-4.75.

High jump—Brekan Day (BJ) 5-10; Tway 5-8; Micah Boyd (Edg) 5-8; Jacob Shrader (BNG) 5-6.

Long jump—Zettle 20-6.5; Zartman 20-4.75; Tanner Geske (Eva) 20-3.5; Trinidad 20-0.5.