Lake Geneva Badger, Janesville Parker and Milton all qualified their boys golf teams for sectional competition by finishing in the top four teams at Hawk’s View in Lake Geneva on Tuesday.

Mukwonago won the Division 1 Badger Regional title with a 331 score. Badger was second with 337. Parker (352) and Milton (363) finished third and fourth, respectively.

Janesville Craig shot 374 as a team.

The Cougars’ Daniel Thomsen and Connor Kelly each qualified for the sectionals as individuals.

Parker coach Sam Van Galder said the less-than-ideal conditions made the Hawk’s View course a challenge.

“It was a brutal day,” Van Galder said. “It was 45 degrees with 25-mph winds and another tough Lake Geneva golf course.

“The boys hung in there and never got discouraged, which was our pre-round goal.”

Zach Milner led the Vikings with an 84, and Kadin Kleman added an 85.

“We still have yet to show our best hand this season,” Van Galder said. “I know we have the players to have three guys in the 70s and one in the mid-80s, and with that, anything can happen.”

Mukwonago’s Nick Schroeder led all individuals with a 77. Badger’s Blake Wisdom tied for third with an 80.

Parker’s Milner and Badger’s Carter Parent tied for fifth with 84s.

Edgerton runs away at Big Foot—The Crimson Tide continued their impressive season at the Division 2 Big Foot Regional.

Edgerton breezed to the team title with a 314 total, which was 61 strokes ahead of runner-up Monroe’s 375.

Clinton also advanced its team to sectional play by finishing third with a 381.

Area individual qualifiers were Brodhead’s Dayton Oliver and Derrick Oborne, Turner’s Noah Sweet, and Evansville’s Jaden O Bel.

Edgerton’s Joe Forsting shot a one-under par 71 in the challenging conditions at the Grand Geneva Highlands course to earn medalist honors.

Forsting’s teammate Bryce Tate was second with a 78. Edgerton’s Clayton Jenny was sixth with an 86, and the Crimson Tide’s Braden Hurst was ninth with a 90.

Tom Romano led Clinton with an 87.

Division 1 Badger Regional

At Hawk’s View, Lake Geneva (72)


Mukwonago 331, Badger 337, Janesville Parker 352, Milton 363, Elkhorn Area 373, Janesville Craig 374, Beloit Memorial 398, Fort Atkinson 426.


1. Nick Schroeder (Mukwonago), 77; 2. Griffin Oberneder (Beloit), 78; T3. Mason Schulz (Mukwonago), 80; T3. Blake Wisdom (Badger), 80; T5. Zack Milner (Parker), 84; T5. Carter Parent (Badger), 84; T7. Kadin Kleman (Parker), 85; T7. Daniel Thomsen (Craig), 85; T7. AJ Gray (Milton), 85; 10. Ben Rademaker (Badger), 86.


Badger (337)—Blake Wisdom, 39-41—80; Ben Rademaker, 46-40—86; Carter Parent, 41-43—84; Luke Abram, 43-44—87.

Parker (352)—Zack Milner, 41-43—84; Kadin Kleman, 39—46—85; Grady Skogland, 47-45—92; Jay Gorman, 44-47—91.

Milton (363)—AJ Gray, 42-43—85; Zack Bothun, 43-45—88; Brayden Kline, 50-46—96; Tanner Brown, 45-49—94.

Elkhorn Area (373)—Nick Keller, 40-49—89; Nolan Shirk, 43-50—93; Q Wojak, 48-46—94; Nolan Ahler, 50-47—97.

Janesville Craig (374)—Daniel thomsen, 40-45—85; Connor Kelly, 45-47—02; David Lux, 42-52—94; Koby Porter, 52-51—103.

Beloit Memorial (398)—Griffin Oberneder, 38-40—78; Alex Hoey, 49-51—100; Corey Bown, 52-61—113; Aidan Wright, 49-58—107.

Division 2 Big Foot Regional

At Grand Geneva Highlands, Lake Geneva (71)


Edgerton, 314; Monroe, 375; Clinton, 381; Monticello/Belleville, 388; Brodhead, 407; Turner, 430; Evansville, 438; Whitewater, 463.


1. Joe Forsting (Edgerton), 71; 2. Bryce Tate (Edgerton), 78; 3. Kyle Wille (Edgerton), 79; 4. Peter Gustafson (Monticello/Belleville), 83; 5. Jack rogerson (Monroe), 85; 5. Clayton Jenny (Edgerton), 86; 7. Tom Romano (Clinton), 87; 8. Connor Allen (Monroe), 88; T9. Braden Hurst (Edgerton), 90; T9. Dayton Oliver (Brodhead), 90.


Edgerton (314)—Joe Forsting, 35-36—71; Kyle Wille, 43-36—79; Bryce Tate, 40-38—78; Clayton Jenny, 43-43—86.

Clinton (381)—Tom Romano, 45-42—87; Dan Romano, 48-53—101; Joe Wellnitz, 52-47—99; Josiah DuBois, 47-47—94.

Brodhead (407)—Dayton Oliver, 44-46—90; Derrick Oborne, 54-46—100; Wyatt Visger, 57-53—110; Onni Oliver, 53-54—107.

Turner (430)—Noah Sweet, 52-43—95; Zach Paulson, 52-54—106; Cameron Covey, 59-54—113; Sean McMillan, 67-49—116.

Evansville (438)—Jaden O Bel, 47-48—95; Nolan Hammond, 56-59—115; Bryce Wunschel, 59-55—114; Gavin Mielke, 55-59—114.

Whitewater (463)—Wesley Abramson, 60-56—116; jaden Condon, 63-52—115; Dane Hillmer, 59-65—124; Camden Freye, 55, 53—108.


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