Gardening is a rewarding activity that avid gardeners can't wait to get back to once the weather warms up. Many gardeners find that getting their hands dirty in a garden is a great form of escapism. In addition, growing your own fruits and vegetables benefits the environment.

It's easy to assume gardening is an activity for homeowners with their own yards, but that's not the case at all. Container gardening makes it possible for everyone to garden regardless of where they live.

The benefits of container gardening don’t end with accessibility. Many plants grown in containers are less susceptible to disease than plants grown in the ground, which reduces reliance on potentially harmful pesticides. Container gardens also tend to be easier to maintain than traditional gardens, making gardening more doable for beginners and people with hectic schedules.

Container gardening doesn’t have to be hard. Novices should consider these tips when planning and tending their first gardens.

· Conduct a light audit. Walk around your home to determine where you can place your plant so it gets the light it needs. Some plants need a lot of light, while others can thrive with less. By conducting a light audit before choosing plants, you can determine which ones will grow well at your home.

· Make sure containers have ample drainage. The gardening experts at Good Housekeeping note that drainage holes are essential because waterlogged soil can be fatal for plants. Don't focus too much on the size of the holes; just make sure that they allow excess water to escape the pot.

· Don't forget to feed your plants. Potting soil won't necessarily have nutrients that plants can access, so container gardeners must fertilize the soil to help their plants thrive. Good Housekeeping notes that watering with diluted fish emulsion, seaweed extract or compost tea will give plants that needed boost. Feed once every two weeks to start, adjusting the schedule after that depending on how your plants respond.

· Seek advice. Local gardening centers can be great resources for novice container gardeners. They can recommend plants with a history of thriving in this area as well as plants that might be more compatible when placed next to one another.

Container gardening can bring a garden into any home, whether it's a light-filled house or an apartment where sunlight is sparse.


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