Obituary guidelines

Submissions received before 3 p.m. weekdays can usually be published the next day, or any day following. Monday obituaries must be received and completed by 10 a.m. Sunday

We publish Monday through Friday. Obituaries must be prepaid, charged to a credit card or billed to a funeral home. Our published obituaries are posted online on our website. We can include one or two black & white or color photos. Try to provide a clear front shot, with no shadows or sunglasses, but a good contrast to the background, in jpg format, with at least a 300 dpi. Photos copied from an online source, such as Facebook, are of diminished quality (72 dpi), but can be used. Photos will be cropped to highlight just the face.

When submitting an obituary, the following order is suggested as a guideline, but all submissions are welcome. It’s often a good idea to read other obituaries in print or online to get an idea.

The first paragraph is usually personal information: Name, age, city of residence, and date and location of death. What made them special: Education, military, career, clubs, organizations, church, hobbies, and special interests.

The next paragraph is usually survivors and predecessors. Separate people in “relationship levels” rather than families — spouse; children; grandchildren; siblings; etc.

The third part is usually service information: Visitation will be from (time) on (day) at (place) in (city, state). A (memorial, Mass, service, celebration of life) will be held at (time of day, day of week) at (funeral home, church, park, etc.) in (city, state) with burial at (cemetery name, city). Donations: Flower and/or memorial donation information. We put ‘thank yous’ at the very bottom in bold


We charge by length of the formatted obituary, rather than by line or word, so it’s best to send in what you have – we’re happy to provide a quote and proof. Running more than once will be at 40% off.

Our contact information

Email: Please include contact name and phone number where we can reach you during the day.

Phone: (608) 755-8270. Telephone Contact Times: 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday

Death Notices

Death Notices are short notices of a person’s death that include only the name of the deceased, age, city of residence, when and where he or she died, the name and city of the funeral home handling the arrangements, and short service information. Death notices are a service of our newsroom, and are no charge. They can be submitted by the funeral or cremation service to:


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