On Consolidated Elementary’s high rating: Congrats to Milton’s Consolidated Elementary, but I’m curious why that particular school scored significantly higher than all the other elementary schools in the district.

On Sunday Sound Off comment about hungry children: It’s understandable a caller seems to question if school children with a fancy backpack or cell phone should get a free meal, but I hope the caller also questions the efficiency of the millions and billions of our tax dollars paid out to government contractors or given to the super wealthy in the form of tax loopholes.

On dog rescuers: I want to send a special thanks to the woman, her young daughter and the young men who rescued my two dogs who got out of my fenced-in yard on Randolph Road. A special blessing to you this Christmas.

On Nov. 21 column, “Baldwin has chance to fix rigged system”: Regarding the piece by Eric Bott, a vote against the new tax codes is not the same as a vote against tax reform. This particular bill gives the middle class bigger standard deductions but takes away other major deductions—basically no change for us. How about a tax reform that actually gets more to the middle class now instead of waiting for the multi-millionaires to decide how much and what to share with us.

On Monday “thumbs down” to eggnog: I completely disagree with the eggnog article. I could drink a whole carton of eggnog within a week. You should have talked about fruitcake. Now that is something bad.

On Alabama Senate race: I feel it’s up to the people in the state who they want to be elected as senator.

On hypocrisy over sexual misconduct: Democrats circle the wagons around Al Franken and John Conyers. At the same time, they demand that Roy Moore step down. Franken has admitted it, and you can follow the money trail to Conyers, but Roy Moore merely has allegations, and every one of these congressmen knows that there’s at least an even chance that these allegations against Moore are completely fabricated. Even the morally preening RHINOS know this, although they’re too terrified of alienating any women voters to admit it.

On Thanksgiving: As a child, I was taught the first Thanksgiving was to thank the Indians for saving the pilgrims from starvation. Now they’re taught it’s a celebration of a genocide and should be ignored. Neither are the truth. The truth is after trying a commonwealth, i.e. socialist system, and failing miserably, the pilgrims switched to a free-market system and prospered mightily, and the Thanksgiving was to thank God for their good fortune.

On Kennedy’s assassination: Yesterday, Nov. 22, was the 54th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. I didn’t see or hear in the media about this. What a shame. After WWII and the Great Depression, the assassination of President Kennedy is the most memorably public event of my life. How soon we forget.

On Rock County sheriff impeding an investigation: I am not one bit surprised by Sheriff Robert Spoden’s actions. Power corrupts, and he is not the only department head or elected official to use that power in their best interest. This is going on at the local, state and federal level every day as reported in the news.

On wallet returned: I want to thank the person who returned my wallet and purse intact at Wal-Mart on Wednesday night. I thank them very much. It’s good to know there are many good people left in the world.

On Sunday story, “A desert for food?” (Page 1A): I’m calling about the article about food desert, which characterized Clinton as not having a grocery store close by. That is an incorrect assumption and an insult to our Clinton Foods, which is a full-service grocery store. They have provided my regular daily needs along with deli items and baked goods for graduation parties and other special occasions. Their staff is very helpful and knowledgeable.

Bottom line is Clinton does have a grocery store, Clinton Foods. Thought that could be a fact check.

Editor’s note: The article was in error. A correction is published on Page 4A today.


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