On Sunday Sound Off reference to God: I am surprised that somebody would call in and say they don’t talk to God. Why doesn’t that person just go to church and find out? I talk to God all the time, and we have a lot of arguments. Thank you for listening.

On tariff repercussions: Headline, “China cuts US soybean purchases because of Trump’s tariff.” What’s next, cutting corn purchases? I wonder how many farmers would like to rescind their Trump vote.

On road construction: I’d like to know what’s going on with County MM. This is the third year in a row it’s been closed. It seems like there’s a lot of money going into that road and being wasted, too.

On Trump pulling out of Iran deal: What exactly did America get out of this so-called deal? Nothing other than the threat of a nuclear weapon falling on an American city and more terrorism. On the other hand, Iran got billions of dollars to do with what they pleased.

On the swamp: I suspect Trump will soon put a neon sign on the White House saying, ‘USA for sale to the highest bidder.’

On Hillary versus Trump: According to The Wall Street Journal, the FBI planted a spy inside the Trump campaign but not inside the Clinton campaign. Why the Trump campaign but not the Clinton campaign? Well, the short answer is they weren’t trying to frame Hillary Clinton. In fact, they didn’t have to frame Hillary Clinton. She committed plenty of crimes they could have indicted her for. If Donald Trump decides to declassify all this information that they’re hiding, claiming it’s national security interest, it’s going to be a nail in all of these criminals’ coffins.

On water quality differences in Janesville: This is about water quality at Lions Beach. The water in Kiwanis Pond is so clear you can see over 10 feet down, but the water in Lions Beach is murky. You’re lucky to see three feet down. Both ponds have geese, both were constructed the same way. It’s time for the EPA and the DNR to test the water in Lions Beach to find out what is polluting it.

On city seeking to raze Janesville man’s home: Two things that the city and the court system should consider in the situation with the man (Ty Bollerud) whose house they’re trying to tear down: The American disability law and the American Civil Liberties Union could both be involved in this.

On California requiring new homes to have solar panels: This is freedom of choice being taken away by government. We all know government wants to take away people’s freedom of choice to own a gun. We also know government is trying to take away freedom of choice to speak freely on college campuses and social media. Millennials and Generation Xers, be careful what you wish for.

On Milton Avenue: There’s a lot of jerky driving out here on Milton Avenue when it’s mostly done by drivers of pickup trucks, and I don’t see the police are doing much about it.

On Sunday Sound Off criticism of the Brewers: The person that’s talking about the coach doing the job, I think I’d like to see them try to do the job because it’s not an easy job to do.

On Sunday story, “Double the love” (Page 1A): I’m calling about the Mother’s Day story about the woman who has nine children by the time she’s 33 years old. I wish The Gazette would stop glorifying people like her. She’s totally irresponsible. If I had nine children by the time I was 33, I would be embarrassed.

On Milton School Board: For the meeting agenda for Monday, May 14, I see they have changed the public comment part of the meeting. That’s unfortunate because I think it is important to the district that more people are allowed to comment, instead of less. I think limiting comment to the agenda items only is a big change for that district.