On former state Sen. Tim Cullen’s new book on GM (May 16, Page 1A): I hope Cullen wrote a couple paragraphs in his book about how Democrat President Bill Clinton threw the UAW and hundreds of thousands of manufacturing workers under the bus when he signed NAFTA into law.

On Saturday story, “Again” (Page 1A): Saturday’s headline will keep being repeated until Congress enacts sensible gun control legislation. Many such bills have been drafted in the House, but Paul Ryan and other Republican toadies for the NRA gun lobby will not allow the bills to go to the floor for a vote. The kids who marched to Janesville from Madison were right. Vote these NRA backers out in November.

On Aaron Aegerter’s Thursday column (Page 6A) about pipeline: Mr. Aegerter, as the head of the sustainability board in Janesville, it behooves you to look up the 1992 Agenda 21 Act. It’s all about rewilding America, and it’s going to start in your own backyard because of this sustainability committee that we have. If you want to change something, put in turbines that are green on our Monterey Dam.

On stand-alone photo “A perch in the park” (May 16, Page 1A): There are no shortages of orioles in the Carvers Rock Road area. A mix of 12 Baltimore and orchard orioles go through a quart of grape jelly a day. They stay all summer with their new families. What a beautiful sight.

On West Court Street construction: I just wonder what in the world is going on on West Court Street. What is the purpose of the gutter being sticking out so far into the street? So you’re going to go from driving normal to everybody is going to have to get over to one lane twice because there’s another one like a block away? I don’t understand.

On May 16 Sound Off comment on solar panels: I’m referring to the Sound Off caller complaining about California requiring solar panels, worrying about losing freedom of choice. California is doing it for the greater good of its people. They know what kind of problems that climate change may cause their children and grandchildren, unlike the Trump administration and their supporters.

On U.S. Senate candidate Kevin Nicholson: Nicholson is not a politician. He has no record of anything pertaining to politics. They have a lot of commercials about him, but nothing is said if he’s a lawyer, if he’s got experience in any political movements of any kind. The man is running on a phony account of what he did during his time in service.

On Janesville’s new vacant building coordinator (Page 1A, Friday): I think Janesville is overstepping their bounds. As long as taxes are paid on the property and the outside appearance is in reasonable shape, Janesville has no right charging for vacant buildings, let alone hiring a person to manage it.

  • The city is complaining and has been checking on empty buildings, homes. When are they going to check on the empty hotel on West Milwaukee? That’s been sitting vacant for a long time.

On grass cutting: I thought the city had an ordinance on grass cutting. Maybe they should inform the fire station across from Franklin Junior High. What a sight. Nice to spread the dandelion seeds. Maybe the firemen are too busy baking. Just who is supposed to cut the grass?

On David Harsanyi Sunday column: If the Trump administration forcibly moved you and all your relatives to Flint, Michigan, would your opinion on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict change?

On Saturday story, “Back-in angled parking to debut downtown” (Page 3A): It is great. I go to Delavan a lot and have no problem with angle parking, but backing into the stall makes no sense. It would be wonderful for the people that have the stores there, but it is not practical for the average user. This is going to bring about a bunch of myriad problems—from accidents to cars coming up behind you—and you’re not going to be able to back in in the first place.

On Monday art, “Dancing in the garden” (Page 5A): Congratulations to Amber Schoville on the beautiful dancing in the garden picture. Amber, it’s just beautiful.