On hail storm in Janesville last week: While cleaning the parents’ yard after Wednesday’s storm that hit the south side of Janesville, you can’t help but notice all the contractors circling the neighborhood like vultures circling a dead elephant. Be careful, people. Don’t get ripped off.

On May 1 story about Ty Bollerud house (Page 1A): At least he’s trying to do stuff to help get people housing around here. There are so many people that need housing. There’s not enough places for housing around here, and the people who could be doing a lot more for it don’t seem to be doing a good job with it. It would be good to have more people like him. We need a lot more.

On Gazette outdoor writer Ted Peck: The Gazette needs to get a different outdoor writer. Ted Peck always writes about fishing with guides and some of his cronies. The average person cannot afford a guide. Please, let’s just get back to the basics of outdoors and not advertising for guides.

On Saturday guest editorial, “Starbucks settlement serves us all”: That Starbucks settlement was a ripoff. It had nothing to do with race or ethnicity. It had everything to do with people trying to exploit a business by refusing to order something. It’s so simple: a cup of coffee to sit at a table.

On gun control: Just to show the people how interested our U.S. senators and congressmen are in gun control, I sent all of our representatives—Democrat and Republican—a letter suggesting that they outlaw high-capacity clips for pistols and rifles. A four-round clip comes with most new hunting rifles. That’s plenty of shells for any gun. High-capacity clips have no use in our society. The only representative I heard back from on this was Mike Gallagher (Congressional 8th District). The rest of our reps must not be interested in gun control.

On Apil 27 Marc Thiessen column: Democrats could learn from the president of France when it comes to giving Trump respect, according to Thiessen. Conveniently, he forgot about 10 years ago when Mitch McConnell vowed to make Barack Obama a one-term president and to block all his proposals. Also, Paul Ryan, who wouldn’t work with Obama because he didn’t trust him, yet he trusts Trump?

On Thursday guest editorial, “Don’t honor the Confederate cause”: Confederate soldiers need to be honored for defending the Constitution of state rights over federal tyranny and the likes of the IRS and central bankers. Slavery could have been ended without devastating the south economically and without making all former slaves homeless and jobless.

On Thursday Ben Shapiro column: In response to Ben Shapiro, Kanye West talked to his accountant and found out how much more money he can keep under the Trump tax cut. That’s why he’s supporting Donald Trump and the Republicans in Washington.

On Democrats’ strategy: Famous communist Vladimir Lenin said a lie told often enough becomes the truth. It seems the Democrats are using the same strategy in dealing with President Trump. Over and over again, we’ve heard that he colluded with the Russians to steal the election from Hillary. That is a lie. Now they’re trying it with the so-called dossier, which is also a lie that happened to be paid for by Hillary. We even have a special prosecutor who continues to waste taxpayer dollars with his foolish investigation based on these two lies. Is this America or the USSR?

On proposed farm bill: The new Republican farm bill wants to cut needy families out so their millionaire farm buddies can have it all along with the other subsidies and freebies off the backs of the taxpayers.

On Sunday story, “Saddle up!” (Page 1B): Great story, great pictures and wonderful article about Jenna Hume, a young lady who already knows how to work hard to reach her goals. Good luck in the future, sweetheart.

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