On proposal to sell alcohol at Rock County 4-H Fairgrounds: I hope Rock County is ready to reimburse the residents who live around the fairgrounds for their property because the values are going to go down. Who in their right mind would want to buy a piece of property that has liquored up potheads running loose in the neighborhood because they’re celebrating some type of event? Please change your mind on this. This is insane.

On Janesville schools new grading system (Sunday, Page 1A): Extraordinary effort is not rewarded and lack of effort is not accounted for. If the real reason for never getting a grade below 50 is because maybe the student’s dog died, then change one zero to 50 but let the other zeros remain as they truly deserve a zero.

  • For a long time, I have noticed that many young people report to work with the idea that just showing up is enough. They don’t necessarily have to do anything for the paycheck. I blame that on giving medals to anyone who showed up for a meet or something. In the health care field, you cannot schedule a ticket for a redo on a test. If you do something wrong, it could be life or death.

On Saturday’s March for Our Lives: Applause to the young activists. Continue, but as to ban on guns, I strongly recommend that you make it crystal clear that you are proposing the elimination of sale of AR-15 and AK-47 assault-type weapons and not bolt-action and single-shot rifles, shotguns and limited clip pistols. If not, you have little chance of advancing that part of your agenda.

  • Let’s call it what it is: march for Democrats. This is a bunch of Democrats manipulating little children to advance their political agenda. The idea that we should listen to high school kids on what policies should be is laughable.

On the Monterey Dam: Maybe the city should wait until the dam is removed to see just what the river looks like before any more development is done along the river.

  • There was an editorial in The Gazette on Monday (Page 4A) saying that it was going to be a mere $1.54 million to remove the dam. A private citizen would have repaired it for nothing. I think it should be put up for a referendum. The dam has been here all my 76 years. It needs to stay.

On Sound Off: Thank you for the Sound Off forum. It’s great to be able to give our opinions anonymously so you don’t have to fear retribution from your employer like the Milton School District, for example. Wish the comments after online articles were still anonymous.

On Saturday story, “The other opioid crisis” (Page 1A): I had debilitating pain from a disease for many years, and my doctor prescribed whatever I needed to survive the pain. The last two months before surgery at Mayo Clinic, my doctor prescribed 240 opioid pills each month. Since four days post-op, I have never had even one day of withdrawal in the past year and a half. If a doctor knows the patient well, he should be the one to prescribe the proper pain meds and not any government agency.

On “Gentlemen 101” (Sunday, Page 2A): I think it is just great. It was in Sunday’s paper, and I think Derek Henze ought to be commended for doing that. I hope some day they’ll include the young ladies, too.

On former Attorney General Eric Holder: Why is Eric Holder involved in Wisconsin politics, the man that ended up providing the Mexican cartel with guns during his term in President Obama’s administration? Oh how soon we forget. Disgusting.

On Thursday photo of skateboarders (Page 1A): Last I knew by city ordinance, skateboards were considered play vehicles and should only be ridden on sidewalks and not in the street. I was just wondering if The Gazette was going to turn this information over to the police department so they could either warn or cite depending on how they deem necessary. Sad to see the paper promoting kids doing something against city ordinance.

On privacy: This concerns Facebook not taking our privacy seriously. It’s not Facebook that’s taking our privacy seriously. It’s the American public that does not take its privacy seriously.