On Milton High School issuing detentions for walkout: We wonder if Milton’s principal was an NRA backer. They protested for leaders to make schools safe. Is it time yet?

  • On a day when terrorist threats are made at an Evansville school, when a man is shot in his home in rural Newark by a gun fired three-quarters of a mile away and when thousands of students throughout the country peacefully assemble to protest school shootings, what does backward-looking Milton do? It threatens its students with detention for caring publicly about their safety and their lives. For shame.
  • If The Gazette editorial board had any standards (“Students teach powerful civics lesson,” Friday, Page 4A), they wouldn’t be criticizing school districts that maintain high standards by enforcing rules.

On gun control: The liberals who demand more gun laws are the same people who demand leniency for those convicted of violating existing gun laws. What’s the point of passing more laws if those laws aren’t going to be enforced?

On April 3 Delavan referendum: We have to ask ourselves, does Delavan-Darien need a new artificial turf soccer field? Does Delavan-Darien High School have space issues for students, despite hemorrhaging students to open enrollment? There has to be a lot of empty seats from the great amount of students that leave to other school districts year after year.

On area trash: I was ashamed and appalled to see the condition of the lawns and things around Craig High School as I was leaving the Kiwanis pancake feed Saturday morning. I know it’s winter and spring coming, but the trash was just unbelievable. I don’t think that represents the city of Janesville and the school that well. I think something should be done about that trash all over the place, especially on the Racine Street side of Craig High School.

On national leadership: Why do we keep putting military personnel in leadership positions to solve problems which have no military solution?

On Rep. Paul Ryan: Now that Democrat Conor Lamb has pulled off a massive upset by winning the former Republican House seat in his Pennsylvania district, Paul Ryan should be very nervous. Might be time for him to go back to all that soul searching about spending more time with his family.

  • I know Paul Ryan personally and have supported him financially, but I don’t know how he can look his children in their eyes and say he supports a womanizing, lying, racist person for president. Paul, you need to man up and do it soon if you want my vote and aid. I’m not the only person that feels this way.
  • I have been trying to build a shadow box showing the medals, badges and awards my brother had earned after 36 years in the military. The national personal records have been putting me off for over a year. I called Paul Ryan, and he had all the awards delivered to me in less than seven days. Thank you, Paul Ryan.

On Fourth Ward shooting: As one who lives in Janesville’s Fourth Ward, it was good to see in The Gazette (Saturday, Page 3A) a drug buyer, who shot his drug dealer on Wilson Avenue and then terrorized the Fourth Ward citizens with a police standoff for eight hours, was sentenced to nine years in prison. Yet one wonders if the drug dealer who was shot suffered any consequences as a drug dealer and is still dealing drugs in the Fourth Ward. There’s still is a lot of it going on.

On access to opioids: Veterans are suffering because of the local politics of opioids. The fact of the matter is there is no other effective pain relief medication for great pain, and it’s terrible, but it’s virtually not available anymore because doctors have become afraid.

On Monday story, “Minorities a sliver of mortgage applicants: Data” (Page 1A): Why does everything always have to come back to race? Apparently, they don’t have jobs. That’s why they can’t apply for mortgages. Why can’t it just be about a mortgage? Why does it always have to be broke down into races? I have a problem with that.


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