On downtown Janesville snowflake decorations: I just wonder when the city is going to take the snowflakes down. I think they’ve been up long enough.

On Monterey Dam removal: Surprise, surprise. The removal and rehabilitation of the Monterey Dam is going to cost a lot more than what we were told. The city council and its ARISE lobby group should pay for it out of their own pockets. After all, they didn’t want Janesville voters to decide the fate of the dam.

  • Leave the dam alone. If it needs repairs, repair it. The only people that are going to shoulder the costs are the property owners and everybody else that pays their water bill. God only knows we have had enough extra costs added on to our water bills in the past, and they’re getting very outlandish. Leave the dam alone. It doesn’t hurt anybody.

On school safety: We had a police officer on duty at our school named Prairie Edge back in 1981, and we locked the doors when all the kids were in. That’s what we need to do. That would improve school safety completely—a cop on duty on premises.

On proposed GM “legacy center”: I would like to thank the Blackhawk Community Credit Union for remembering all of us, and it was an honor to work there and provide this city with what we earned.

On Thursday headline, “Chief: Crime, drugs linked” (Page 1A): What a surprise. Who would have ever guessed that? Did the chief just recently come to this conclusion?

  • Chief says that drugs and crime are linked. How about poverty and crime are linked?

On Sunday editorial, “The knives in Milton came for Brian Kvapil”: Thank you, Gazette, for publishing the article about Kvapil. Shame on the school board and shame on Ed Snow for taking the whole thing out of context. We are behind you, Brian Kvapil.

  • Kvapil doesn’t even show up for the events and then has the audacity to vote against these things. Nobody sees him at any events or any venues. I find that reprehensible. The other board members, as much as you complain about them, they all do this. They are at everything. It’s a shame that they are getting treated the way they are.
  • What saddens me is how the Milton School District took a turn in the wrong direction after the Vote Yes for Kids, Inc. group got involved. Now many people, including district employees, students and parents, fear retaliation if they admit they support board member Kvapil and his data-driven analytical methods.
  • Kvapil needs to resign from the Milton School Board. He always touts transparency, but he refused to participate in the investigation, and he hired a lawyer to hide behind. I guess the transparency is only for everyone else.

On a Nobel Peace Prize for Trump: So is Donald Trump going to pick up his Noble Peace Prize on the way to the meeting or on the way back since Kim wants to talk about getting rid of his nukes? Obama got one just for getting elected. Shouldn’t Trump get one for this? The truth is even if Trump solves the North Korea issue and the problem between the Israelis and the Palestinians, he’ll never get a Noble Peace Prize. They don’t like Donald Trump no matter how much good he does.

On Friday story, “Political prognosis” (Page 1A): Once again, The Gazette failed to make mention of Nick Polce who is running on the Republican Party ticket for the Congressional First District against our speaker of the House. Please put that in.

On Sunday story, “Camaraderie, sequins, teamwork” (Page 2A): I want to say congratulations to Janesville Craig and Milton show choirs. You do such a great job, and you should be very proud.

On future of St. Patrick School building: St. Patrick’s parish should sell the school and make a good profit to sustain the church. The new owner could tear down the school and build a McDonald’s or a grocery store. This would economically energize the neighborhood and provide jobs.

On the Oscars: No way was I going to watch the Oscars this year. Here’s this huge room filled with celebrities patting themselves on the back. Most of them knew about the Harvey Weinstein scandal for years, yet none of them said anything until it was trendy. Give me a break.