On bullying of Janesville 12-year-old who killed herself: I know the schools have lots to do, but I think it’s still important that there’s a curriculum and a school environment that helps each child develop self-confidence and self-worth. That way, the bullies’ acts and words will have less of an effect. Like the old saying goes, ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.’ There’s a lot of truth in that. Additionally, we need our Legislature to change some laws so that schools have the necessary disciplinary powers needed to punish unruly behavior.

  • I think the teachers and administrators need to start doing a better job at looking at the kids in their schools. They know who the ones are that are the bullies, but they just look the other way. If you think these kids that were responsible for bullying this girl that died feel bad, think again. All they’re doing is looking for another target to bully.
  • Those kids deserve to be punished for what they did to that little girl. I’m not a parent, but I’ll tell you one thing, if that was me, I’d make the kids and the parents suffer for what they did. That little girl did not deserve to be gone. She lost one family member, and now the one family member lost her daughter, and I feel sorry for that family.
  • I believe there should be an investigation of the persons who bullied a young girl into suicide. This is a form of murder. These people, girls or boys, need to be punished. That is the only way to stop the bullying before another young life is gone. It just might stop some school shootings, too.

On Sunday Sound Off comment on ‘Roseanne’: You can attribute the Roseanne Barr tweet directly to the Trump effect. The billionaire blowhard with the vile mouth continues to sow seeds of bigotry, racism and hatred, even increased bullying by school children.

  • Yes, Donald should be blamed. The president is a bad example. Look at the bullying at school. They say if the president does it, why can’t we? Cool off, callers, then call in. You’re wondering what Democrats will run on? Not giving to the rich, that’s for sure. How about running on saving your Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid for your health? How about equal pay, safety in the working place, for a start?

On guns: Guns don’t kill people. People’s hearts do. We don’t end murders by doing away with guns. We end murders by changing hearts.

On Trump’s intelligence: Chief of Staff John Kelly says Trump is super intelligent. Well, super intelligent people don’t grope women and brag about it or call people names if they don’t agree with them or don’t tell 3,000 lies in the past two years. Seems what we need is someone that has super common sense.

On Monday Lenore Skenazy column (Page 4A): I thought it was a very wonderful story to read from Lenore Skenazy about Dr. David Hosack. What a great man, and it’s a shame we didn’t learn about him many, many years ago.

On advice for people under arrest: I have some advice for these people that complain when they get beat up by the police when they’re under arrest: Don’t fight them. They don’t pay these guys to get beat up, either. Second bit of advice is: Don’t get arrested in the first place, and you won’t have to worry about that.

On similarities among politicians: Evidently, Wisconsin politicians are no different than the ones in Washington. The name of the game is screw the taxpayers and make them pay through the nose. Taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for any expenses incurred by a politician for attending any religious conference, whether it is political or personal. Just another rip-off by our politicians.

On transparency: The school boards that rely on taxpayer dollars need to be upfront and transparent no matter what. Things can just fester and boil to the surface if they aren’t transparent. Look what happened in Milton with the referendum and the bowling alley. Any school district can have it happen. They just need to be upfront and do the best they can with that.

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