On Christmas lights: I think we can all agree that the Christmas season is now over. So how about we all unplug all these Christmas lights for the season?

On potholes: How come for-profit businesses like trailer parks and retail shopping centers don’t have to fix the potholes in their parking lots? Some of them are even worse than the city of Janesville’s.

On obesity: Referring to Wednesday’s editorial, “Fitness court to pump up the downtown,” a partial solution to the obesity epidemic, though it won’t happen, is to tax the obese as they’ve done with smokers. If you are obese by government standards and by the weight scale in the store, you pay double for junk food. The embarrassment might help some, too.

  • I appreciate the city’s investment in a fitness court for its citizens. I think $60,000 is a small amount to spend for the benefit of not only individuals but families who can’t afford to pay a club membership for the whole family. This is another way to get people out, getting some fitness in their life. I think it’s smart, and I think it’s forward thinking instead of backward thinking.

On Friday story about Trump using vulgarity (Page 7A): The first paragraph says that Trump supposedly wanted to know why we would accept more immigrants from Haiti and shithole countries (I feel OK saying that on the phone since you think it’s OK to print it in your paper). The answer is because the Democrat Party needs people in poverty to stay in power, and there’s not enough people in poverty in this country now with the economy surging.

  • If our president is as brilliant as he keeps telling us, how can he act as stupidly as he does? Is there any American who really wants a president who continues an unending, unstatesman-like mantra alienating the peoples of other countries, like his latest Africa target? Perhaps his latest should be the straw.
  • Rep. Paul Ryan, how many things are you going to ignore? You have been quoted saying that Trump’s ‘heart is in the right place.’ Obviously the ‘right place’ isn’t what this America is about. By the way, do you have any friends from Haiti or African countries?
  • The island includes the Dominican Republic, where I have had many enjoyable vacations. The other half is Haiti, which is a shithole. The only difference is a corrupt government.
  • President Trump is telling it like it is, and it’s about time. He’s shining light on some of these hypocrisies that nobody has the guts to do. Bravo, President Trump. This is one of the reasons you were elected.
  • So the one Donald Trump supporter that keeps calling in every week, how is she going to support this one?

On DACA: Paul Ryan, it is time that you send those Dreamers back to their country and help us to bring our families that have been on the waiting list for 27 years trying to do everything legal. It is not fair for the families who have been waiting in line to do things the right way, and you’re going to give a path to citizenship to those Dreamers who have been violating the law.

On the Mueller investigation: Why is Paul Ryan colluding with Rep. Devin Nunes against Robert Mueller and the House investigation who want to get to the bottom of the Trump and Russian investigation? Whose side is Ryan on for our country?

On late-night TV comedians: If anybody out there is in need of a job, that would be one that you could qualify for pretty easily, especially if you’re on the left because the only qualification you would need would be able to stand there and act stupid.

On Friday story, “Private School apologizes for question about slavery” (Page 6A): For the record, Caucasian folks were slaves and/or indentured servants. I am sick of the lying rant that ‘all whites done all blacks wrong.’ It ain’t so. In Europe, our plantation owner was called King Richard, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

On $1 million ad campaign to lure Chicago workers: Really shameful. Far better place for $1 million, maybe help Gov. Scott Walker family move to Chicago.