On woman’s ninth OWI charge (Thursday, Page 5A): Few days go by when The Gazette doesn’t report arrests for four, five, six OWIs. On Thursday, we read the report of a woman in the town of Beloit being arrested for a ninth OWI charge. Any wonder to question our judicial system? What does it take for the Legislature to slam the door on such idiocy?

I can’t believe that someone can be arrested on a ninth OWI charge and then be released on a $500 cash bond. There is something very wrong with this. Too many innocent people are killed and maimed from drunken, impaired drivers in Wisconsin. I know that the tavern owners have a lot of influence in Wisconsin law and punishment, and Wisconsin lawmakers need to change things.

On sale of former GM plant property: I got a good idea for the old GM plant and the area around it. I think we should put up a ballpark down there and get the ballpark from Beloit because they don’t draw very good. If we’d get a ballpark here with professional players, it would be full every night. Janesville was a baseball town—little league, Babe Ruth, Legions, whatever—and it would give people something to do on their weekends.

On a proposed hotel for downtown Janesville: Do we really need another hotel downtown? We have one that’s been sitting there vacant for years and years. I think it’s time to do something with the one we have.

On Sunday Sound Off comment about “happy holidays”: I remember 50 years ago, too, that they were using ‘happy holidays.’ It didn’t last then any longer than it’s lasting now, so get over it. If you want a greeting for a happy New Year, say ‘happy New Year.’ Otherwise, it’s ‘merry Christmas.’

On Milton School District ending live streaming of meetings: Can you please print who on the school board voted to remove transparency by eliminating this? There’s an election coming up in April, and that way I’ll know who to vote for.

On the town of Janesville suing residents over extra horses: The town of Janesville is worried about two horses, but they don’t stop somebody from having a business on property that is not zoned for business or a noisy bar in the summertime.

On Social Security: Social Security recipients will receive a raise in 2018, but those that have the Medicare Part B premium deducted from the benefit will in all reality receive no raise. That premium increased 21 percent for my wife and me, resulting in no change to our Social Security benefit. Our overall health costs went up $90 a month. If we realize that tax reform and Paul Ryan are going after Medicare, it’s only a matter of time before we lose ground.

Just a reminder to the clueless politicians, especially Republicans: Social Security and Medicare are not entitlements.

On Donald Trump’s approval rating: The media love to talk about Trump’s approval rating being so bad, but the new Rasmussen poll is out, and it shows that Trump’s approval rating is almost exactly the same as Barack Obama’s was at this point in his presidency. Obama is one point higher, but remember he had fawning, slobbering news coverage while Trump has been demonized and lied about.

On global warming: International Falls, Minnesota, just recorded the lowest record in history, 37 below zero there. I guess the planet didn’t get the memo that it has a fever. So much for global warming.

Within six months, you will be reading that this is the hottest year ever because temperatures or anything else that do not fit the narrative are irrelevant. If they had thought this out, they would have told everyone that man’s activity would make the climate colder.

On 2018: The saying goes, ‘Someone who knows all the answers undoubtedly misunderstood the questions.’ Lighter hearts and good health to all in 2018.

Democrats spent the entire year of 2017 talking about Russia instead of America. And after a year of investigation, the only evidence of collusion is on the Democrat side. Now in 2018, they’re going to try to shut down the government and get the fake news media to blame it on the Republicans.