On city’s plan for a downtown fitness court: The city proposes costing taxpayers $60,000 for an unneeded fitness station no citizen asked for. We have multiple private fitness centers struggling for customers. Is a supervisor needed to control rowdies? Who wants to exercise in hot 90-degree sun? This is not a need.

On the end of bingo at St. Patrick’s: Regarding St. Patrick’s stating nearly $100,000 raised through bingo won’t ‘make or break the school,’ I have to ask, is that because the school is already broken? Read Ephesians 4:25.

On Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden: I can’t believe that they still keep trying to get rid of Spoden and running him down. Leave the sheriff alone. He’s a good man. I’ve had a mailbox someone knocked out for six weeks. How come the police chief hasn’t taken care of this? The sheriff would have had it done by now. I just can’t believe they keep running this man down when he’s one of the best.

On Jan. 4 column, “How to make Janesville a better place in 2018”: It is very clear from Jim Farrell’s Gazette article that he speaks just for the ruling class. He doesn’t have a clue as to what it would take to make Janesville a better place for the majority of people. I hope he finds his way out the door as soon as possible.

On questions about Trump’s mental capacity: Let’s examine the facts: The man is self-made billionaire. He took on 16 seasoned, veteran Republican politicians in the primary and defeated them all. He then took on the news media, the Democratic Party and half of his own party and won the presidency against all odds. If his mental capacity is impaired, what does that say about all these people that he keeps outsmarting?

On winning: Trump has said that with him being president, people are going to get ‘sick of winning all the time.’ As a Packer fan after this past season of losing, I feel good. Trump is right. Winning gets sickening, and losing sometimes feels great, just like our country is doing.

On Jan. 2 sports story on Parker graduate: This is for sportswriter John Barry on his update (Page 1B) on Ashley Hartwig’s college basketball career. A good local interest story, John, but you failed to tell us the location of Truman State College, a seemingly important omittance.

On critics of global warming deniers: It’s Jan. 7, and this is in response to the Sunday Sound Off caller who says global warming deniers need to learn the difference between weather and climate. With all due respect, you need to learn the difference between reality and a scam. Your first clue should be that they’re after your money and your liberty. With man-made climate change, people have called for warmer temperatures and more moisture, not less. So you need to ask yourself where all the snow is.

On Friday editorial, “Protections should stay for wetlands”: Thank you, Gazette, for bringing up this very important issue concerning environmental stewardship. People don’t seem to be concerned about wetland protections until they become flooded. It’s a simple fact that the wetlands act like sponges to absorb the water before it disturbs humans and their living environment.

What about the wetlands that will be lost by the removal of the Monterey Dam? Oh, that’s right. This is what city administration wants. This editor talks out of both sides of his mouth on wetlands.

On Sunday editorial, “Beware the single-issue candidates”: Voters can do their part by researching the candidates to determine which ones are in it for the right reason, which is to serve the public with integrity. Be cautious about candidates that have an appearance of a financial conflict of interest.

On Edgerton’s downtown: Edgerton still believes downtown living and economic success are connected. That is true. Downtown living is very important for economic success. And also one thing about Edgerton is if you are looking for a dining opportunity, that little town has so many varieties of dining options, all mom-and-pop-type restaurants.