On Sen. Ron Johnson: Johnson has followed in the footsteps of another conspiracy-oriented Republican senator, Joe McCarthy, in making a fool of himself on FOX News falsely claiming corruption at the highest levels of the FBI awash with ‘secret society’ meetings. That foolishness will forever be on Johnson’s lasting legacy as it was with McCarthy.

On criticism of Sheriff Robert Spoden: I think the sheriff brought the criticism on himself because he did not handle that situation well. Or if he handled that well, then I was raised in a family that didn’t handle it well because we were raised with responsibility and to take action for what we’ve done. I just think he certainly could have come up with better ideas than what he came up with. The stupid remark of a ‘prominent’ family, that’s just ludicrous.

  • The facts in this case clearly show that the sheriff screwed up, and despite his long, impressive credentials, he deserved censure.

On tipping drivers: As a delivery driver, I feel pizza delivery drivers aren’t appreciated, and they get no respect when they go out and deliver a hot pie to a customer and the customer turns around and looks for every excuse not to give him a tip.

On tax-cut pay bonuses: Congressional representatives Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz are calling tax-cut bonuses for some working Americans mere crumbs. Of course it’s mere crumbs for these two overpaid Democrat politicians who refuse to vote for a tax cut for working Americans.

On Friday Web Views criticism of bikers: This is in regards the guy’s comment about people riding bikes around town. Well, he needs to get himself a bike and start riding by the sound of it because most of these people have all these big SUVs, and all they got them for is prestige and try to impress the next door neighbor.

On Saturday story, “Why does it matter?” (Page 1A): Daily headlines keep the drumbeat going of collusion where none is present. The media continue to ignore where the real collusion is. The text messages between the FBI’s Peter Strzok and Lisa Page show the anti-Trump bias. They even discuss needing an insurance policy in case Trump is elected. This story should be getting daily headlines.

  • The Gazette can print a ‘much ado about nothing’ hit piece on Trump, but where are the articles and time lines on what has gone on with the Clintons and the FBI and who knows how many others?

On filling two open seats in state Legislature: The latest in Wisconsin Republican’s policy of voter suppression is Gov. Scott Walker illegally refusing to hold special elections, placing the GOP interests above the people they were sworn to represent. I find this very extremely offensive.

On immigration: I feel like it’s not fair. My family, brothers and sisters, have been waiting in the line for over 27 years, and they have done nothing wrong but wait their turn. Now it says the illegals that are here are going to get a path to citizenship. Wow, this is something messed up. It is not fair to the people who follow the law.

On credit for the economy: Giving Barack Obama credit for the economy is ridiculous. In eight years, he couldn’t even get the GDP to 2 percent. President Trump has gotten the GDP to almost 4 percent in one year.

On Kentucky school shooting: History shows us you probably won’t get anywhere going after guns. Instead, go after the bullies. They are the reason for a lot of the shootings. Charge them with something, sue them, whatever. I was bullied terribly 50 years ago. I still hate to see them on the street.

On Jan. 21 Sound Off comment on leaf collection: I am 80 years old, live alone and have no family to take care of my leaves. I can’t afford to hire anybody, and I don’t think there would be enough people to hire if we didn’t have leaf pickup. A friend in Illinois in a city similar to Janesville in size told me that the garbage truck people tell the city about any streets that may need a second leaf pickup, and Janesville could do that, too, when necessary.