On drunken driving: I think Wisconsin should erect a wall like the Vietnam Memorial to show those who have been killed by drunken drivers. Make sure it’s large enough because unless stricter laws are enacted, you will need much more room, and I don’t think this is tasteless at all.

On Janesville storm sewers clogging: The reason is because everybody is throwing their leaves down there. If we quit putting the leaves out in the curbs and letting people do this, we wouldn’t have this problem when it rains. It’s ridiculous that we have to go down these streets and they’re so flooded because the storm sewers are so loaded up, and all it would take is for the city to get rid of leaf pickup.

On the Milton School District board meetings: I tried watching the audio/video of the meeting, and it is absolutely worse than the live streaming they were doing, which they really can’t do now. Unbelievable. Can’t we get somebody that knows what they’re doing so we can see these meetings?

On Ted Peck’s Jan. 14 column on hunting crows: Crows are very friendly and loved. My father had one, and it would come and land right on his arm and talk to him. Peck should keep his opinions to himself because he’s pretty useless as far as I’m concerned.

On trip to China: Why is the Janesville School District chief information officer in China? Is this an indication that Superintendent Steve Pophal will travel to China eventually and continue to support this expenditure of taxpayer dollars? Mr. Pophal, what is your position on recruiting Chinese students?

On Saturday story, “The big boom” (Page 3A): I’m calling about the article about the pickup exploding out by Milton. The Rock County Sheriff’s Office can’t identify the vehicle because there’s no VIN numbers. What are they, a bunch of keystone cops? They got VIN numbers on the serial plate. There are serial numbers on the transmission, on the motor and on the frame.

On Rock County government: It’s simple what to do with the county board and this lovely sheriff. November is coming. It’s called vote. That’s all you have to do to get rid of this clown who doesn’t believe in the law.

On government shutdown: It is sad that Sen. Tammy Baldwin and her fellow Democrats care more about amnesty for illegal immigrants than voting for a bill that would fund the children’s health care insurance program and the military.

  • The bunch of useless clowns elected to run the country have proven again they are useless. These clowns have no morals or sense of duty to the people. The sad part is they are still getting paid. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are part of the problem, not part of the solution. The 4-year-old in the White House does not help.
  • Want to stop government shutdowns? All members of the Senate, House and their staff forfeit all pay and benefits for every day it’s down. Problem solved.

On welfare programs: Why is Gov. Scott Walker constantly obsessed with hyper-regulating FoodShare, Medicaid and other programs? Does shaming people in need give Walker a psychological power trip? His mental stability to be governor needs to be questioned here. Remember, Scott, these citizens vote, too.

On the economy: I like how President Trump is taking credit for our stock market and the economy doing so good. The real reason why it is doing so good is under the eight years of Barack Obama. I like how the Republicans take the credit for the accomplishments of the Democrats. It amazes me.

On Sunday one-year anniversary coverage: It’s President Trump’s one-year anniversary as president, and there’s nothing about his accomplishments, the economy and promises kept. Nothing at all. On the front page, there’s a picture of the women’s march sponsored by Emily’s List, a far-left socialist organization. Whose side are you on?

On weekend’s NFL games: What a pleasure to tune in and not see a bunch of disrespectful nobodies kneeling on the sidelines. I think President Trump’s message about respecting the American flag is getting through to them.