On the State of the Union address: After watching the reaction or the nonreaction of the Democrats at the State of the Union address, it is obvious they don’t care if the economy tanks or if our roads and bridges crumble away. They only care about bashing President Trump and amnesty for illegal immigrants.

  • I would like to remind all of the letter writers and Sound Off commenters of the last three State of the Union messages. The Republicans did not applaud or stand up for all of Obama’s messages. You can’t be offended when the Democrats didn’t applaud or stand up for all of Trump’s messages. Don’t be a hypocrite.

On Pick ‘n Save building: I sadly agree that it was slightly disappointing that the Grafft family bought the Pick ‘n Save building, but in general I just wish that the city could come up with some kind of plan to prevent major, larger buildings or specific buildings in the community to not just sit and turn into rack and ruin.

  • If they can spend $3 million on the Pick ‘n Save, why can’t they fix the Monterey Hotel?
  • When I’m driving up I-90, I’m not looking to exit for a grocery store. Grocery stores need to be in neighborhoods where people live. It would be really cool if Woodman’s built another south side grocery store.
  • To the person that is upset that the Grafft family purchased that, I would imagine that if he/she is so upset they should have purchased it. The Grafft family decided they wanted to purchase it and maybe sit on it. That’s their decision. It’s their money, it’s their decision.

On Republican hypocrisy: Rich Republicans are so against the sanctuary cities, but they have no problems in hiring all the cheap labor for their businesses. They should prosecute the businessmen for doing it. Give me a break.

On Monterey Dam: Will Mr. Woodard use his expertise on the Monterey Park like he did in killing the fish at Traxler Park?

  • In response to Mr. Paul Woodard’s comments about whether Mr. Chesmore has pond-building experience: Well, how does that Traxler Park ice rink pond work for you, Mr. Woodard?

On snow emergency: What a joke that is. There’s always cars parked on the street that never get ticketed. The police will drive right by them and don’t bother writing them a ticket.

On American diversity: Paul Ryan and Donald Trump both express their love for America. Sadly what they don’t accept is America is great because of the diversity of cultures and ideas of the American people. This nation became powerful because of those who came not just from Europe but from all over the world and worked to build it.

On Nunes memo: The bottom line is they lied to a FISA court and then spied on a presidential campaign. I hope they all rot in jail, and I don’t remember them being concerned about the welfare of the country when they were leaking classified information every single day for the first six months of the Trump presidency.

  • It seems LA Times is working overtime to put the fake in the fake news. Their job is supposed to be to uncover government corruption, but instead they’re helping to try to cover it up.
  • It shows that senior officials in the FBI and the Department of Justice abused their power to try to influence the election, and it also shows that all the investigations into Russian collusion are based on a fraud.

On Foxconn jobs: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel spins this that it’s going to cost $200,000 for each job because we’re not going to make them pay taxes. Guess what, if they didn’t come here, the jobs wouldn’t be here, so we wouldn’t get the money anyway. Yes we’re giving them tax breaks to come here but in the end we’re going to clean up on it.

  • Wisconsin taxpayers are going to pay $200,000 for each Foxconn job. I think Scott Walker was conned by Foxconn.