On arming teachers: Regarding Attorney General Brad Schimel’s proposal to arm teachers, I’m a teacher in the public schools, and I certainly did not go into this profession to work with 8-year-old children while packing.

  • In regard to arming teachers, let’s say they’re armed and a man storms the school and the police are on their way, and as they walk in the door, a guy steps out of a room with a gun, and they shoot. Trouble is that was a teacher. Use your common sense. You can’t arm the teachers.
  • Our politicians can afford to borrow hundreds of millions of dollars from China to give out to terrorist countries for their security, but we can’t afford to fund a security guard at our own schools for our kids safety.

On the NRA: Regarding the Sunday story ‘NRA, Florida face backlash as companies sever ties’ (Page 11B), well, guess what, companies? If you don’t like the NRA, which I do, I don’t need your services so you can stick that backlash wherever you want to. I will not use your services, period.

  • Most of the country is saying, ‘Oh my God, another school shooting.’ Most of our politicians are saying, ‘Oh my God, we can’t have stronger gun laws. The NRA will cut off our campaign money.’ Most of the country is saying, ‘Who’s running the country, the cowards who were elected or the NRA?’
  • Since the Florida high school massacre, suddenly House and Senate Republicans are no longer upset with repealing and replacing Obamacare. Now they must be upset to stop taking NRA campaign money, or American voters will repeal and replace them. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida is No. 1 on the list for that.
  • Multiple layers of government failure, and they want you to blame the NRA. When are government officials going to be held accountable? The school reported Nikolas Cruz, social services knew about Cruz and police and the FBI knew. Who other than the armed guard inside the school has been held accountable? Let’s put the blame where it belongs and do something about it.

On Sunday editorial, “Milton should focus on security upgrades”: We just gave the school district $2.5 million a year in a referendum. They’re into the second year. That’s $5 million. Why wasn’t that money being used on these security issues?

  • The taxpayers voted on a $2.5 million referendum, and it seems like the district is not fixing anything in horrible condition. Instead, the only answer is vote for a giant referendum and fix everything at once, instead of going ahead and fixing the items now that can be fixed.

On the Milton pool: Since when is an insurance agent able to tell whether the pool is in good condition or not? I didn’t realize that insurance agents had access to building codes and were working with construction. Also, I wanted to mention the sinking deck. Why is it sinking or is it sinking? How do we know? These are questions that were not answered in the Sunday article, ‘In the mix’ (Page 1A).

On St. Patrick School building: It would be a phenomenal building to turn into a program for at-risk youths to work with some of the humane society dogs to do a training program to get the dogs placed and rehabilitate the youth.

On Friday story, “Some remain stranded” (Page 1A): Looking at the picture of water across the road on Page 7A, why can’t they just dump some sand on the road to raise the level so people can get in and out?

On columnist R. Emmett Tyrrell: Week after week, R. Emmett Tyrrell’s columns are the same. They call names, denigrate those you don’t agree with. There’s little attempt to present a reasoned, thoughtful argument. Just red meat.

On Janesville downtown bike lanes: Would someone please tell me how the bike lanes on East Milwaukee Street work so good? The traffic is so fast there you had better not get in the bike lane for fear of getting run over. We don’t need more bike lanes. We need some traffic control in this town.

On proposed new salary structure for teachers (Monday, Page 1A): A question for board members: Will the teacher performance pay be tied to fulfilling Superintendent Steve Pophal’s promises?


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