On voter ID speech at UW-Rock County (Sunday, Page 2A): Rick Daniels, just go home. These people are so poor, downtrodden and beat up, they just can’t make it to vote. But they’re the first ones in line for the freebies the government hands out, so I don’t want to hear any more about his voter registration problem. He’s the problem.

  • I received notification of my driver’s license renewal, and I am stunned to find I must chose between retaining my driving privileges and condoning and becoming complicit in voter ID suppression of my constitutional right to vote. What is this, Nazi Germany? Are Democrats no longer citizens?

On $50,000 donation to YMCA of Northern Rock County (Sunday, Page 2A): The McKennas own a business that gets paid by public school system for computer services, and the Milton School District is just one example. Schools are so strapped for cash, but a company that does business with the schools seems to have lots of money from all those taxpayer dollars funding the public schools.

  • It’s sort of bittersweet because the city taxpayers of Milton granted an incentive package for their company (Diamond Assets), plus they’re in a TIF district. It would be nice if the taxpayers got a little pat on the back, too.

On Wisconsin Supreme Court race: Have you seen Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Rebecca Dallet’s TV ad? She takes a shot at President Trump, saying he’s attacking our civil rights and our values. She in turn promises to protect them. Do you hear anything in her ad that says she’ll interpret the law as written? She’s telling us she plans to legislate from the bench. If she wants to do that, she should run for the Senate or the Assembly. I want judges who will interpret the law as written. That’s not Rebecca Dallet.

On Sunday snowfall: We just had 3 inches of snow. This is Sunday morning. I want to know why the trucks in Janesville have to plow snow as fast as they can into our driveways. The man across the street was late for his job because of this. We had to go try to get him out of the mess that Janesville made. I really wish they would be more cautious in what they do to people’s yards. What if somebody had to get out of the driveway in an emergency.

On Rep. Paul Ryan: I would like someone out there to list three things Paul Ryan has done for his district and his hometown of Janesville after being in Washington for 20 years and why he deserves another term.

On a military parade: Looks like the Trump-hating liberals are at it again. This week they are criticizing Trump’s mere mention of a parade to honor our military. I can guarantee that if the same suggestion had been made by their liberal idols Barack Obama, Bill Clinton or Joe Biden, they would be all for it. Just shows how narrow minded, devious and petty they have all sadly become.

On Russia sanctions: Congress has voted 517 to 5 to impose sanctions on Russia. The problem is Trump has shut down the sanction office. Maybe it’s Putin’s birthday; we know how Trump admires Putin.

On roundabouts: Have you noticed that the center of the roundabouts is raised and blocks vision for certain vehicles but not all? Does that make sense to you? It doesn’t to me.

On former Rock County Republican Party’s elections board chairman: Why did The Gazette writer (Saturday, Page 6A) include a paragraph connecting Wade Hallett to a volunteer job he had working on the 2016 election cycle? This part-time job has no relevance to the subject matter of the article. It appears to simply be a cheap shot against the Republican Party. The media wonders why they are held in such low regard. This is a prime example.


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