On rumors of Ryan leaving Congress: Yes, I believe Rep. Paul Ryan may leave office, instead of being voted out by the popular vote. He knows that an electoral college can’t get him into office like it did for the Trumpster.

With shots fired at a baseball practice, fake bloodied severed heads, leftist bullies at town halls and showing up at your door probably scaring your wife and kids, why wouldn’t Paul Ryan want to retire?

Mr. Ryan, maybe you should give it up because you don’t represent Janesville as you should be. Every time I go by your house, I see Secret Service and the State Patrol there, but as far as I’m concerned you don’t represent me or anybody in this town because you’re never around when you’re needed.

On study for a new Janesville ice arena (Friday, Page 1A): So we renovated only five years ago, and now we want to dump $50k on some pie-in-the-sky idea of a new building? Come on. Janesville taxpayers, take a page from the Milton area residents, band together and vote these things down and people out of office.

On Sheriff Robert Spoden: Hats off to County Board Member Rick Richard. Finally, somebody on that board stepped up to our sheriff who needs to go. If he doesn’t want to resign, they need to get with the governor and fire him. We need a real sheriff like Gary Groelle, 2018. See you Spoden.

On Friday column, “The recession is permanent in Dollar General’s America”: Peter Funt tells the real story about the Republican political agenda, so open up your eyes, middle-class citizens. Your rights and laws are being changed at your expense, to make billionaires of millionaires. Trump will be laughing all the way to the bank, and Gov. Walker will be leading Wisconsin to the poor house.

On Sunday column, “Why are so many sexual harassers on the left?”: Regarding R. Emmett Tyrrell’s column, sexual harassers are apolitical. They are nothing but power brokers who exert their power over people that they feel they can intimidate. They are neither Democrat nor Republican. They are apolitical, and they are sexual predators.

On Sunday story about town suing over extra horses: I am 100 percent in the Kettelhut’s corner. They sound like beautiful people with beautiful hearts, and I can’t imagine anybody with a soul having a problem with them nurturing these animals. They’re beautiful.

I think this is completely ridiculous what the town of Janesville is doing to these people who are trying to help these animals. They have two extra ponies, two too many, and even though she asked for two different types of permits to have these animals, the town of Janesville still denied her and don’t seem to be willing to work with her. I think they should be ashamed of themselves.

On Craig High School lunch hour: These kids aren’t given a long enough time, and all they would have to do is take two minutes off each class, which would allow them 15 minutes more to have on their lunch hour. We wouldn’t have these kids racing around town, which is quite dangerous, and coming out of the parking lot at 90 mph to try to go get something and get back in time. They cannot possibly eat in the amount of time that they have. It’s just not feasible; it’s not reasonable.

On toll roads: I drove down to DeKalb, Illinois, yesterday about 75 miles on I-90. It was practically bumper to bumper with huge semis. I think we should put in toll booths and just charge the large, heavy trucks with tolls who cause the most damage to our roads.

On man accused of scalding dog (Monday, Page 1A): I’m calling about the guy who scalded the poor 11-month-old lab retriever. I don’t know why a person like that would do that to a poor 11-months-old dog, so he needs to pay for what he’s done.

On legalizing pot: And now the move is on to legalize pot for recreational use nationwide, but one thinks of all the people who have been incarcerated over the years coupled with the staggering amounts of dollars spent and law enforcement time. Hard to fathom especially for those old enough to remember the fact and history of prohibition.

On peace: When the power of love is stronger than the love of power, we will know peace.