On Friday front-page story, “Mom calls discipline of her son ‘heinous’”: Children who disobey teachers and disrupt classrooms should be disciplined. I side with the principal and Milton School Board on this issue.

Nicole Johnson needs to purchase a book by John Rosemond. She then would know the proper way to raise a respectful citizen of society before it’s too late. Further, I know Marcia Schwengels (principal at Milton West Elementary), and she’s one of the nicest people on earth. Milton is fortunate to have her on their staff.

There’s a quotation that the ‘review found that no violations of board policy took place and that actions were supported by board policy.’ If that’s true, then why in that same statement did they say “we have made some immediate adjustments to current practices...”? Why are we making any adjustments if everything was hunky-dory?

On probation for Janesville woman (Friday, Page 9A): For resisting arrest, putting her children in harm’s way, spitting in an officer’s face and having heroin and Suboxone, she only got five years of probation. She should have gotten five years in jail. Got to stop this somewhere, and that’s how you do it. You can’t coddle criminals.

On Trump’s handling of North Korea: A bunch of people in the mainstream media are suggesting that President Trump is mentally unstable and that he’s liable to start WWIII with a tweet to North Korea. If anyone starts it, it will be the only fat man in North Korea Kim Jung-un. Even this twisted little psychopath is better than Donald Trump, according to the news media. So you tell me who’s mentally unstable.

With respect to the North Korean threat to send an ICBM to the continental U.S., what in the world does our president mean when he says, “We will handle it.”? Does he really think the American people will sleep well with such vague assurance? It is time for an end to such loose-lip, nonspecific rhetoric.

On a bump in the road: Why in the world can’t the street department fix that dangerous annoying bump on Humes Road in front of Papa Murphy’s? All that money to rework the entire area only to have that stupid bump remain.

On Saturday column, “Rock County is poised to get sicker”: Very good points, Mr. John Spangler, but you miss one important point. Congressman Paul Ryan and Sen. Ron Johnson don’t do what’s right for the people. They vote for the donors and 1-percenters that keep them in office.

On Nov. 19 front-page photo of hunters: I have hunted for 65 years and never seen so many hunting violations in my life. First, it showed two open-box pickup trucks with five people in them, none wearing seat belts. One was even sitting on the box rail. Second, there were three guns not in cases and were probably loaded. Third, one person has a black hat on, and it states in the regulations that if a person wears a hat, it must be blaze orange. This is a good example of how careless hunters cause hunting accidents.

On ABC News retracting Brian Ross story last week: Last Friday, I believe it was at 11:05 a.m., ABC News released a fake news story that caused the stock market to plunge 350 points. Maybe when the lawsuits start rolling in to ABC for all the money people lost in the market, maybe they’ll think twice about whether or not they should keep Brian Ross as an employee.

On this year’s Big Ten football champion: A lot of people are surprised Ohio State didn’t make it in the top four. Well, they judge these things on strength of schedule, and let’s face it, when you play in the Big Ten, your schedule is not very tough. It’s a pretty bad conference. You had two teams line up for the conference championship, and neither one of them was worthy to be on the field with an Alabama, a Clemson or Oklahoma.

On eggnog: It is a seasonal traditional beverage. I use it to make French toast. Homemade eggnog is my favorite. Mother used her hens’ eggs years ago to put in the blender to make homemade eggnog.


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