On the sale of former GM property: They should use the GM site for an electric-car racing place or some of it anyway, instead of demolishing it. They should open the other part up for a museum or a shrine. That would be the best thing to do.

On man accused of scalding dog (Dec. 18, Page 1A): It is appalling and pitiful that a human being could inflict such horrible pain and destruction on one of God’s creatures. There must be a special place in hell for someone so cruel.

On woman sued over extra horses in town of Janesville (Dec. 17, Page 2A): I say don’t jump to conclusions until you know all the facts. Rules are rules, laws are laws, and I’m sure Porsche Kettelhut would be the first one to tell you that.

On Mills Fleet Farm opening store in Delavan area: Is there any change that they’re also going to build one in the Beloit-Janesville area? Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

On Friday full-page ad (Page 10A) thanking Rep. Paul Ryan: Thank you, Paul Ryan. Better yet, I will thank the head of the Republican Party, Vladimir Putin, and then the gratitude that Paul deserves will trickle down to him.

Kudos to The Gazette for printing the full-page ad, ‘Thank Paul Ryan’ in Friday’s Gazette. We look forward to our taxes being cut and a better economy. Yes, thank you, Paul.

Thanking Paul Ryan for tax cuts? Has Paul Ryan ever thanked the taxpayers for his salary for almost 20 years? I don’t think so. For his health insurance? I don’t think so. His security and travel expenses? I don’t think so. Why would the taxpayers thank anyone for something that raises the deficit by $1.5 trillion and will end up cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid as our infrastructure crumbles around us?

I sat down with my Gazette and my cup of coffee, and I got to the back page, and all of a sudden I got very sick to my stomach when I looked at the back page. I couldn’t help myself, but I regurgitated all over the paper. What I had to do then was throw the paper out. I wonder what caused me to get sick when I saw that back-page picture? I really don’t know.

On Sunday editorial, “Please don’t go, Paul. Congress needs you”: I’ve been reading The Gazette for 50 years, and I just read, ‘Please don’t go, Paul. Congress needs you,’ and now I have such a different opinion about The Gazette. Paul Ryan is only for the one-percenters, so now I’m trying to realize that The Gazette is also for the one-percenters.

On GOP tax reform: In order to keep the individual tax cuts permanent, the Senate needed to have 60 votes. The Democrats decided to play politics and threw the middle class and the working poor under the bus. Thank you, Sen. Tammy Baldwin.

On cutting corporate tax rate: For decades, the left has been demonizing corporations in this country and trying to convince Americans that they’re evil, greedy entities that poison the air and water and serve no real purpose. The fact is that corporations provide more jobs in this country than anyone else beside small business. You are going to see the results of this because companies are going to expand. New companies are going to come in and be formed. It’s going to mean jobs, jobs and more jobs.

On Christmas Eve snowfall: It’s a little after 9:30 on Sunday morning with just a light dusting of snow, and I can’t believe the county is out plowing. But yet when you get 2 to 3 inches of snow, they won’t drop the blade at all to clear the roads up. They’ll just throw salt. I just can’t figure them out, unless they want to waste time.

On Sunday Sound Off comment on poor roads: The caller in Sunday’s Sound Off blamed our rough roads on poor maintenance and lack of funds to pay for maintenance. We who reside in Wisconsin pay for road maintenance with our taxes. A lot of trucks are not based in Wisconsin, and they don’t pay the same taxes that Wisconsinites pay. Wisconsinites pay tolls to enter Illinois, and so should the truckers who enter Wisconsin.

On #MeToo: I’m wondering when, in the interest of gender fairness, females who use sex and their way of dress to climb over others in business will be named and their careers ruined.