On ‘Beauty and the Beast’ production at Parker High School: Today, Janesville. Tomorrow, New York City and part of the Rockettes and Broadway. What excellent singers, dancers and actors we have in Janesville. Jim Tropp did a fabulous job again.

On Wednesday editorial, ‘AR-15 raffle is bad PR move’: A large shout-out to the editorial writers of The Gazette for Thursday’s strong and courageous denunciation of the unimaginably hypocritical plan of the Janesville police officers union to offer a weapon of mass murder in a gun raffle to the general public. What must the nation think of the hometown of the speaker of the House of Representatives, who himself stands silent on any gun control measure? I fear the shame of this AR-15 giveaway will forever remain upon our city.

On the AR-15’s operation: I would like to commend the police union for giving away an AR-15. Most people, including journalists, do not realize how many sportsmen use an AR-15 or the larger-caliber AR-10. They have a very comfortable platform and are accurate. I hope it comes with just a five- or 10-round magazine.

  • Everybody calls the AR-15 an automatic assault rifle. The AR-15 is not an automatic assault rifle. It is a semi-automatic rifle. One pull of the trigger, one bullet. Nothing more, nothing less. People need to get their story straight.

On April 18 Sound Off comment about alcohol sales at the fairgrounds: The potheads won’t be getting liquored up. They’ll be spending most of their money on munchies, looking for the deep-fried Oreos.

On rising gasoline prices: Gasoline prices are determined by supply and demand. We the people supply a huge chunk of our paycheck, and the oil companies demand more. I wish the Republican big tax cuts helped us to retire our Republican leaders and not spend all our money on gas.

On upcoming North Korea summit: Two habitual liars talking about nuclear weapons. What could possibly go wrong?

On term limits: House Speaker Paul Ryan is being criticized for leaving after 20 years. How about taking with him Rep. Charlie Rangel, 48 years; Rep. John Conyers, 53 years; Sen. Chuck Schumer, 38 years; Sen. Patrick Leahy, 42 years; Rep. Nancy Pelosi, 30 years. Term limits should be the word of the day.

On health insurance: As a blue-collar, public-sector worker, I’ve noticed that our health insurance covers less and has higher deductibles every year on procedures. I wonder if that’s the same for Paul Ryan and the rest of the politicians.

On April 18 cartoon: I have been a fan for quite a while of Joe Heller until of late, but his tribute to Barbara Bush was off the charts. He did a wonderful job with that. I wish he would stick to nice things like that.

On stop signs: Why do we bother to have stop signs? People don’t know how to read or know what ‘stop’ means. Even the bicyclists don’t even stop, so you have to watch out for them. One of these days we are going to have a bad accident, hurting or killing someone.

On “Spring will come” painting (Monday, Page 4A): Regarding the picture by Craig High School senior Blaize Butler, I want to tell her how wonderful she is and keep up the good work. This girl just brought peace to my heart.

On Monday “thumbs down” to Randy Bryce (Monday, Page 6A): The author of the ‘thumbs down’ to Randy Bryce would be advised not to engage in hypocrisy.

On Sunday Sound Off comment regarding the Koch brothers: You are worried about the Koch brothers? You should be worrying about George Soros, Barack Obama, the Clintons and the progressive movement. Let’s keep our country free from them.

On an act of kindness: I was at the car wash by Woodman’s on Milton Avenue, and I couldn’t get my money into the machine, and this real nice gentleman behind me came and was just as nice as he could be. He never looked at me sideways, just helped by putting my $5 bill in for me. I want to let people know that there are angels about us. You just have to receive them.