On Rock County Board approving alcohol sales at fairgrounds: That’s just what Janesville needed was a bunch of liquored-up potheads, another place to get drunk. I can bet you money nobody on that board lives around the fairgrounds, or they wouldn’t have approved it. Who in their right mind wants this kind of venue in their backyard?

On Paul Ryan’s pending retirement: I just want to say I find it offensive that Paul Ryan would even dream of saying he didn’t want to be a weekend father when he did nothing to come back to save General Motors and all these people that have traveled every weekend—women and men—to support their families. What an insult.

  • All these criticisms of President Trump, House Speaker Ryan and Gov. Scott Walker are filled with so much hatred. Do these people ever look at what good is being done, or are they so blinded by party affiliations they either can’t see or won’t see the positive contributions made by these men? Very sad it has come down to such hatred.
  • Paul Ryan got what he wanted. He got the tax cut. He sold his soul to one of the most corrupt, immoral men in the United States of America. He had a chance to stand up, but all he could do was make some weak remarks.
  • The representative for the Democratic Party keeps saying that we will be better off to get a Democrat in there when Ryan is gone. I don’t want a Democrat in there. They actually stand for four things: higher taxes, less jobs, more debt and more free programs. So please, not everybody in the state will be better off if a Democrat gets in there, especially small-business owners.
  • Some people in town are acting like Paul Ryan is some kind of hero. For what, voting to take health care away from millions, giving the ultra-rich a tax break, refusing to meet with his constituents, staying silent on Russia involvement in our elections? Give me a break. He’s nothing but a disappointment and an embarrassment.
  • I’m referring to the article (Page 1A, Thursday) about Paul Ryan as if he put Janesville on the map. I’d really like to differ. I believe Fisher Body, Chevrolet, Parker Pen, Hough Shade, Office Furniture Company—those facilities put Janesville on the map many years ago, and I’m not sure that Paul Ryan was even thought about at that point. I think Janesville was a good, decent town then, and I hope it comes back to be a good, decent town when he gets out of office.

On the blue wave: For those who think a blue wave of Democrats is just the ticket for Wisconsin, IRS data show people are leaving states run by Democratic governors en masse and taking billions with them. Check out our neighbor Illinois, Indiana and especially California. Is this really what you want for yourself and Wisconsin? I think not, or can’t you handle the truth?

On climate change: There’s an article in the journal Science (April 6) that states the amount of nitrogen in our atmosphere is much greater than was previously believed, and this nitrogen is absorbing CO2. Because of that, the effect on climate caused by rising CO2 levels is going to be greatly mitigated. Now, this is not some right-wing blog. This is a very respected, time-tested publication.

On chemical weapons: One-hundred thousand Iraqis, including thousands of children, died as a result of the United States invading that country in 2003. The United States Army used white phosphorus as a military chemical weapon directly against insurgents in Fallujah. The United States should launch strikes against itself.

On Sunday snowfall: I would like to give this young man with an ATV with plow a thank you for clearing Stafford Road off and another big thank you for coming back and clearing my approach for me.

On the Trump-Comey spat: It’s interesting the president doesn’t like to be treated the way he treats people.

On demand for nursing assistants (Monday, Page 1A): I think there are two reasons why there is a shortage, and it’s in the article: It’s $13 an hour and 12-hour shifts. With a 12-hour shift, you don’t have a life.