On high school referee shortage: I think an improvement would be made if they had more women being referees, especially in women’s sports, paying them more money and giving more power for the referees to kick people out of the game who are rowdy and giving them a hard time.

On South River Street sidewalk dispute: Leo Sokolik was told to replace sidewalk that was replaced in 2015. City engineer Mike Payne, you want everyone to help and go along with your project, and this is how you act? Shame on you. City council, you voted 6-1 to go along with this act. I say it’s part of your job to stop such nonsense.

On Thursday story, “Musical milestone” (Page 1C): I’m calling in regards to an article about “Beauty and The Beast.” I like the article. I like the pictures, but I never saw a darn thing about the beast. I saw Gaston, I saw the beauty, and I’ve been waiting to see how they would dress this beast up. He was almost like an afterthought. I just wanted to see how director Jim Tropp was doing the beast.

On April 1 edition: I was very disappointed that there was no mention on the front page of the paper about it being Easter Sunday.

On Sunday editorial, “Walker is right to fear ‘blue wave’”: You state Gov. Scott Walker has held taxes down. I beg to differ. Giving billions of dollars to Foxconn is a tax burden on us and our future generations.

On Thursday story, “Referendum process starts fresh in Milton” (Page 3A): Slow up. There’s no need to hire an owner’s representative yet. First, step back and do what Edgerton did and hire a consultant who is totally unbiased. That’s what needs to be done first.

On global warming: We have just experienced the coldest start to April since 1975, and for those of you who don’t have a calculator, that’s 43 years, or close to a half century. I’d like to thank Donald Trump for single-handedly solving the global warming problem, and he did it without raising your taxes or taking away any of your freedoms, something the liberals said couldn’t be done.

On columnist Leonard Pitts: I get a knot in my stomach every time I see Leonard Pitts face in the opinion column. It was my belief that he could not write a column that didn’t bash the president or Republicans, so I held my breath and read him anyway in the Sunday paper (Page 6A). He actually had a nice column. Thanks, and thank you, Leonard, for a nice column.

On Monday story, “A call for understanding” (Page 1A): What is it with The Gazette? Does it really deserve front-page coverage of a Milton incident that somebody posted on Facebook—one little situation that happened in special ed, and you had to blast it all over the front page? It’s just more negativity that you’re showing toward that school district.

  • Mark Gavigan’s passion is understood, but this situation seems to have gotten out of hand. The Milton school administration should have intervened and offered to meet with the complaining parent to address misunderstandings or fears. If fighting is truly happening, I certainly hope medical attention is provided.

On April 3 story, “Run, hide, fight and drill, drill, drill” (Page 1A): Instead of only having teachers being trained in response to school shooting scenarios, wouldn’t it be a good idea for assemblies of government leaders to participate in such an activity, just to know how it feels? Maybe if they were placed in a scenario with an active shooter, they’d gain a whole new prospective on the fears of gun violence.

On complaint about scalloped potato recipe: To the person who called about the scalloped potatoes in the Sunday Sound Off, you should have went to the living section in Sunday’s paper. They must have read your comment and got you a spring pasta salad to make (Page 3C). So, some of us like bad things to eat, and some of you like good things to eat. So, there is an option in the spring pasta salad that they offered. So make that.