On local couple working to open recovery home (May 6, Page 3A): One wonders why Emily Kieck and Bart Schmidt are so secretive about where their house for six female drug and alcoholic addicts will be located. What are they hiding? Why don’t they want neighbors to know what they’re bringing to the neighborhood? It’s also surprising to know that God argued with Emily Kieck. One wonders where the argument took place. I’d like to meet with him and discuss a few things also.

On Lake Geneva man detained (Thursday, Page 1A): As a small-business owner of Walworth County, I have nothing against immigration being here. But if Mr. Eduardo Castro owns a business and employs three people with no Social Security numbers, how is he paying employee tax, worker compensation, Social Security and all of his bills being here illegally?

On Janesville hailstorm: I have been called nine times by storm chasers. I live on Rockport Road, and we did not have any damage. I don’t know how on earth they got my telephone number, but it gets pretty annoying.

On three U.S. hostages released: Finally, I am glad to see CNN is covering the story of the three Americans being freed from a North Korean prison instead of their normal, all-day-long Stormy Daniels coverage.

  • This is about President Trump getting the three American hostages released over in North Korea. I think that was a tremendous job done by our president, but Rep. Maxine Waters from California will probably launch a campaign to get President Trump impeached because he didn’t get them out a week earlier.
  • Donald Trump just tore up the Iran deal, and all the smart people are saying he’s screwing up. Didn’t they say that about China, and what happened? China is making concessions on trade. Then they said he is going to start a war with North Korea and what happened? Our secretary of state is in North Korea right now, and guess what? They just released of our three hostages. Isn’t it amazing how Trump keeps being right over and over and over?

On war: Trump relishes the thought of war as long as he and his family are not in danger. Trump got out of the military claiming heel spurs more than once. He wants to show he has power like Putin. Mr. Trump, you are not like Putin and never will be. Trump, you live in the United States, and you will be voted out in 2020 with the rest of your puppets and FOX News.

On Trump exiting Iran deal: The Iran deal was just that, a verbal deal between Obama and Iran. It was not a signed deal or a treaty that Congress was a part of. Obama knew that Congress would never sign on to such an agreement, so he did it himself and sent billions of dollars to Iran in the process. Where did all these billions of dollars come from and what did Iran do with the money?

On Russia: Any Republican with a lick of sense that’s been following the president of the United States knows and understands the Russians have President Trump in their pocket.

  • I think we have a new political party brewing. It’s called Look The Other Way Republicans.

On slavery: I’m referring to the Sound Off comment Wednesday, where a person mentioned that slavery could have been ended without devastating the South economically and without making all former slaves homeless and jobless. I’m sure the slaves never felt that they had homes and jobs that were of value.

On firing of Delavan-Darien Superintendent Bob Crist: Kudos to the Delavan-Darien School Board on this. It’s time to drain the swamp of these types of administrators. Now, if we could get Milton School Board to do the same and eliminate unnecessary administrative positions also, like the communications director, then we as taxpayers can start to move on with the real district issues.

On the Milwaukee Brewers: I see they lost again 9-0 (May 6 against the Pittsburgh Pirates). I was just wondering if I’m all wet in saying this. I think that they should get a new coach. He doesn’t take the pitchers out soon enough, and then when they get a few runs, they don’t work hard. I may be all wet, but that’s my opinion.