On the Rock County Historical Society: The historical society president and board should stop the dictatorship. The society needs a complete reorganization. Business needs to be taken and approved at regular membership meetings. The membership can amend or add bylaws at any time. What is the purpose of membership the way it’s run now? Ridiculous.

  • If the historical society’s executive director becomes a city employee, it would also mean he/she would get all of the benefits other city employees get. Think about it: vacation time, wages, overtime as needed, health benefits and probably more. That’s our tax money paying for all of this.

On April 28 story, “Eviction rates among highest” (Page 1A): The way to fix the problem is to have more low-income housing and to make more affordable living for everybody. That’s the only way you’re going to get things fixed. It’s long overdue.

On Tuesday story, “Man fights order to raze home” (Page 1A): You say extension cord use is a basis for city bureaucrats to destroy someone’s home. All Janesville property owners should find this a scary overreach of government power. Better tell the stores to quit selling them. Hope Ty Bollerud gets to tell this to a jury.

On Boy Scouts of America changing its name: We can no longer say boys will be boys. You need to say boys will be girls. Thanks to the feminazis, girls infiltrated the American icon Boy Scouts of America. No man is standing on his laurels because he’s scared to offend a woman.

On infected ash trees: I’m calling regarding the cutting down of the infected ash trees. I thought there was supposed to be a time limit on getting these down once they have been marked. There have been like 15 trees on Benton Avenue that have been marked since last spring and are still standing. They should be cut down so as not to infect other trees.

On Monday “Our Views” (Page 4A): Regarding the town of Beloit and a private meeting, thank you Gazette for calling that out. It’s so important that government issues be held in a transparent manner, and there is no excuse in this day and age to ignore that. Board members need to remember that they can easily form a quorum even if two of them meet at a coffee shop if they are two members out of a three-member committee. So just don’t meet at a coffee shop. It’s simple problem solved.

  • In regard to the ‘thumbs down’ to the the selection process for new Janesville school board member, too bad new or at least different ideas are not allowed. Janine Hegle’s comment was not one to be rejected. Interesting comments that maybe she doesn’t travel in the ‘proper political circles’ or ‘not in the teachers union’s pocket.’

On April 29 Sound Off comment about discrimination at Starbucks: The comment was very misleading. The two black men explained they were there waiting for a business partner. They were handcuffed and detained for nine hours. Starbucks decided to close down for an afternoon to make sure something that would never happen to white people must not happen to black people. Some people are just incapable of grasping racism.

On pending $18 million sale of Janesville Mall: It sounds as if our new mall owners are going to put in same old, same old. What the Beloit/Janesville area needs now is a high-end department store.

On new Janesville ordinance allowing drinking outdoors during events: It seems like no matter what happens in this town, if alcohol is not involved in it, it will never be successful. I suppose probably the next thing that will happen is all the council members, when they’re doing the city council, will sit there with a beer in one hand and a shot in the other hand.

On Thursday story, “Pinnacle’s path clears” (Page 1A): In regards to the Pinnacle Dairy in Brodhead, I’m just kind of curious on how they continued building without having all the permits. Sounds like the Tuls family has some DNR officers and maybe some state employees in their pockets.