On polling place staying at City Hall: This is in response to not allowing voting to take place in the police station. So those who don’t believe in God won’t vote if it’s held at a church, or those who hated school won’t go if it’s held in a school. Those who are hesitant to vote in a police station probably are felons and can’t vote anyway. This is getting ridiculous.

  • I would think the minority people would be rather upset that it’s even in the city building. After all, all the police have to do is look out the window, and they can see who is coming and going there.
  • The reason people don’t feel safe and comfortable in our society is because individuals separate us from what we basically are, the human race. People like to separate us, Black Lives Matter or white privilege, because they want to justify their job and their mission to divide us as humans. Those who don’t like the word ‘human’ need to go back to biology class.

On Monday story, “Two wheels forward,” Page 1A: Must we continue to put our tax dollars into seldom-used bike lanes and trails while allowing many of our other streets to fall into complete disrepair?

  • I actually think bike lanes are dangerous. They give a bicyclist a false sense of security, and it shouldn’t do that. With so little use, I think the city should spend the money somewhere else. Maybe just make sure that those that ride on the street know the rules of the road. I think the off-road trails are great, but let’s take the bike lanes off our streets. It does nobody any good.

On the Second Amendment: I see nothing wrong with America bearing arms. Just wear sleeveless T-shirts and get rid of the guns.

On arming teachers: It’s sad that we have to arm our teachers. In today’s society, we have to arm the teachers that are qualified and want to be armed to protect our children. We need to protect our children. Our children are our most important commodity that parents have.

On Florida shooting: Our fearless president said he would run into the school to stop the shooter. His personal physician has released a statement saying he could not actually do this due to his severe case of bone spurs.

On the Monterey Dam: Those who are complaining about the dam never bothered to look back in history about Janesville. This is what they should be teaching in the schools. Trading posts were along the river and the towns of Rockport, Monterey and Spring Brook, and all those other towns along the river were here back of the dam. All those little towns were annexed and swallowed up by Janesville after the dam was built.

On Milton School District proposed purchase of the Hawk Zone: Really? They want to buy another building when they can’t even keep up with the buildings that they have.

On Gov. Scott Walker visits to Rock County: Scott Walker visited Janesville last month and Beloit on Tuesday. They have all been hand-picked crowds. I hope he makes an announced campaign stop to Rock County that is open to the public so we can all welcome him in our own way.

On Wednesday story, “School Board OKs teacher pay plan” (Page 1A): One of the biggest criticisms of public educators is the use of jargon. Why does the superintendent have promises and all other staff members have goals? Seventy-five percent of us do not have children in school, and inconsistent wording and jargon make it very difficult for us to support the district.

  • I commend the Janesville School District. They have many things to be proud of. The teacher’s union and board compromised. Their district and staff do such a good job maintaining schools, including the ones dating back to the 1930s. The promises made to students strive for the success of each and every student.

On pharmaceutical ads: Are you as tired of the enormous amount of pharmaceutical ads on TV as I am? Wouldn’t it be nice if pharmaceutical companies would spend as much money on research as they do on TV ads of products that can’t even be purchased without a prescription, and it’s way too costly.