On Milton School Board censure of Brian Kvapil: I don’t think that anyone is really naïve to think that this censure is only about the action of the student and Mr. Kvapil and nothing to do with the board and the administration’s obvious long-time dislike of Brian Kvapil. Just look at the history of what happened to board members who disagree and ask logical questions and think independently. Nobody is fooled by their tactics.

  • It’s starting to look like the Milton School Board set up one of its members, Brian Kvapil. How did all those people who were tied to the Vote for Kids group know to be at that meeting in force without knowing for sure it would even be an open meeting? It appears like gang mentality has taken over, and it’s shameful.
  • I took my high school student to the special school board meeting in Milton last night. My student listened and then asked me when it was done how Mr. Kvapil can say he’s all about students and then attack one of the smartest ones in their school. How does he get to just do that? I didn’t have an answer.
  • Looks like another railroad tactic. It looks like they’re upset because of the referendum being turned down twice, and I hope the people of Milton can see through that.
  • It’s bad enough what the Milton School Board did to Mr. Kvapil, and it’s even worse the way they talked of banning Lance Fena, a very knowledgeable, concerned citizen who attends meetings. The board chose not to listen to the audio evidence or believe what Mr. Fena said about the matter.
  • I am using Sound Off because I am embarrassed. In recent elections, I voted for Donald Trump and Brian Kvapil. I am so sorry, U.S.A. and Milton School District. I was wrong.

On the arrest of several Vegas Gentleman Club’s employees: Welcome to Wisconsin: beer, drugs and naked women. Does anybody wonder what God thinks?

On open-meetings complaint filed against city of Janesville: The city manager and the city council president should be investigated for violating open meetings laws. If they didn’t do anything wrong, they have nothing to worry about. They want the special treatment like the voters who are afraid to vote at the police station.

On arming teachers: To President Trump and others, are all of you people out of your minds? Arming teachers is a ludicrous idea. Who would they shoot with 50 or more kids running at them for their lives with bullets flying in the teacher’s direction? Have any of you ever been in actual combat? Have any of you had your adrenaline flowing when you are being shot at? What would happen if a teacher accidentally shot a child? Would that teacher be arrested? Would the teacher be able to live with himself? Use your brains for a change.

On Wednesday Sound Off comment on NRA: The caller that says the NRA should move to Mexico if they want no gun laws. If you get caught with a handgun in Mexico, you will be eating rats in prison for 25 years. So aside from the breathtaking ignorance of that comment, I would like to say that the NRA did not shoot anyone in Parkland, Florida. The NRA did not ignore over 50 warnings about the person who did the shooting, nor did the NRA stand outside like a bunch of gutless cowards while these children were gunned down.

On self-driving cars: I think it’s a pipe dream that self-driving cars are not going to be making a lot of mistakes in large part because of the inconsistency of the signing and lining of the highways. Further, I think it kind of is a diversionary tactic from the poor traffic enforcement that exists most places.

On Milton Avenue: These yellow lights on Milton Avenue are too short.

On Blackhawk Community Credit Union plans for a GM “legacy center”: It is about time someone tries to plan a museum for GM. I feel it should be downtown, and the former Chase Bank building would have been a great place to have put one. It would be a good reason for people to visit the downtown. We need a museum to represent our area as to what GM did for us.