On the elimination of Sound Off column: Sound Off is the best thing you’ve got in your newspaper. I wish it was in everyday. Wednesdays, Sundays and Web Views on Fridays—I always read that first. I think you better rethink this. You get the pulse of the public, and not everyone wants to write a letter and put their name in with the litigious society we have and the polarized society we have. I think you’re making a huge mistake.

  • I’m sorry this is the end of Sound Off. I don’t use Facebook because I refuse to submit my birthday, and I’m not about to lie about it. I’m not connected via the smartphone, either. I rely on The Gazette for most of my news, some via television and none via the internet.
  • You’re going to get rid of the Sound Off? This is called freedom of speech. I buy the paper mostly to read that stuff. Other people’s opinions are important. If you want to take that away, and all I get is your opinions all the time and not other people’s, then I’ll just quit The Gazette. See if you can get some other sucker to buy your one-way political views.
  • You say you are stopping the Sound Off column. You should cut back on sports and comics. Sound Off is the most-read page in the paper. If you don’t like to read what other readers thoughts are, you truly don’t care about your subscribers. You can cancel my subscription and save a lot of paper. It’s a big dumb idea. Lots of people like to have an opinion.

On Gazette price increase: This will be brief. I just bought the paper, $1.50. How do you justify a 50 percent increase?

On a kind gesture: Please, before you quit Sound Off would you print this. Today, June 7th at 2:40 a.m., we were at Applebee’s eating, and the waitress came up and told us a gentleman came up and paid for our meal and left. We’d really like to thank that kind gentleman for such a nice surprise.

On D-Day: The cartoon “Peanuts” on June 6 was the only mention I noticed in The Gazette about the D-Day invasion of Normandy on the French coast on June 6, 1944. This invasion was the beginning of the end of World War II in Europe. May 8, 1945, was V-E Day victory in Europe, later August 14, 1945, was V-J Day, victory over Japan.

On President Trump: This is on the economy. When Donald Trump became president, all these brilliant people said there’s no way he’ll ever get the economy at 3 percent. Since Barack Obama couldn’t do it in eight years, it couldn’t be done. Well, now we’re there at 3 percent, and the Fed is predicting 4.8 percent. Since Trump was elected, the value of our economy has grown by $7 trillion, but we don’t hear anything about it on the news or in your paper. Instead we get misleading headlines from the AP leading you to believe the president has been subpoenaed. He has not.

  • So the president pulls out a gun and kills six people he doesn’t like. Not to worry. He can pardon himself.
  • Trump actually makes George W. look pretty good.
  • Sarah Sanders continuously says Donald Trump has done nothing wrong. If telling over 3,000 lies in the last two years isn’t something wrong, what in the world is wrong?

On the Monterey Hotel: I’m calling regarding the press conference (Monday) regarding the new downtown hotel, the Cobblestone Hotel, getting a $250,000 grant to build this hotel. What I would like to know is, what’s going to happen to the now defunct and dilapidated Monterey Hotel? Is the owner going to be held up to standards? Is it going to come down? How about putting some money into that and doing something to get that eyesore off the streets of downtown. If we’re going to revitalize downtown, let’s revitalize it and get rid of that.

On Monday “thumbs up” to live-streaming Rock County Board meetings: Thank you, Mr. Yuri Rashkin. I certainly hope this live-streaming continues. It should be more and more, and I’m very thankful for that. Milton grasped at straws to find some reason not to live-stream, which is so unfortunate.

On Supreme Court decision siding with Masterpiece Cakeshop: Nothing stops the LGBT community from opening their own bakeries for their own wedding cakes. There is no discrimination. When you’re self-employed, you get to decide who you’re going to provide service to.

On connection between bullying and 12-year-old’s suicide: The Janesville schools are taking a lot of heat in regards to bullying lately. Here are a few points to consider. First, schools are in the business of caring for kids. Second, how do schools police cyberbullying from 4 p.m. to 8 a.m.? Third, maybe parents should learn to parent. Fourth, the media needs to stop stoking the fire and tell the entire story.

  • I have two children in the Janesville public schools, and with the amount of anti-bullying campaigns, pledges and activities that are going on, I find it hard to believe that specific complaints of bullying were made to the school and nothing was done about it. After reading all of the articles surrounding this, it is apparent this little girl suffered from severe depression, and she was not receiving the psychiatric help that she so desperately needed.
  • How do we get through to young people, or for that matter anyone, that suicide and the sadness that it creates is a permanent solution to a temporary problem?

On Clinton referendum survey (Thursday, Page 8A): Nothing on the survey ever mentioned about the recurring referendum that’s going on that was passed a number of years ago. If they want to do a new referendum for the new school or updating schools, the recurring one should then end. Otherwise, it’s like we’re getting double hit. The taxpayers’ money only can go so far.