On planned downtown fitness court: As a Janesville taxpayer, I want my property taxes to pay for roads, trash pickup and schools. Two of the three are not covered, yet they can pay for pet projects. Do you remember the ice rink at Traxler Park? A total loss.

On property taxes: My property taxes went up $102.77. Gov. Walker brags about lowering our property taxes, which isn’t happening. Janesville seems to think our residents have money coming out of our ears. Well, I’m sounding off to let you know it isn’t. Janesville and Walker, get real, or I will have to sell and move out of Wisconsin. I can’t afford you anymore.

On Jan. 7 editorial, “Beware the single-issue candidates”: It’s obvious from this article that the editor’s objection isn’t as much with a single-issue candidate as it is the issue itself. How many times have we read that The Gazette endorse the Milton referendum in addition to its desire to remove the Monterey Dam? Interestingly, when previous council candidates voiced their main issue to be the downtown ARISE project, none were criticized by The Gazette. This is a prime example of the hypocrisy that exists in this city.

On Jan. 7 story, “Just dance” (Page 6C): I enjoyed the article about the 17-year-old ballet dancer, but why in the world would you announce that you’re bisexual? Who really is interested but the young man and whoever his partner is? I just don’t understand why that all has to be brought out. Who cares?

On the Milton School District: I see they now have on their agenda the Pledge of Allegiance. Isn’t that high-paid communications director worried that some atheist might sue us? Just wondering.

On Oprah for president: Oprah, please run for president in 2020. Also please choose Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois as your vice president. An Oprah-Durbin ticket in 2020 would be outstanding.

On Jan. 9 story, “Bundy’s Nevada grazing case tossed” (Page 6B): Second paragraph says that environmentalist and conservation advocates worry that ‘dismissal of these charges would bolster violent and racist anti-government followers.’ What exactly is racist about a guy not wanting the government to round up and confiscate his cattle? The knee-jerk reaction of the left is to call everyone a racist no matter what.

On the Trump wall: Congressman Paul Ryan and all legislators, please be very aware of the fact that Mr. Trump campaigned on the concept of a wall. However, he did promise that the Mexicans would pay for it, not the American taxpayer.

On tax-cut effects: In addition to many companies offering bonuses to their employees, five major utility providers, including Commonwealth Edison, have announced they’re going to be making rate reductions for their customers due to the tax cuts. Ironically, most of these companies are in states that Hillary Clinton won.

On “Fire and Fury” book: This claims 100 percent of the people around Trump think he’s stupid and mentally unstable, and this would include his wife, his children, the vice president and his closest advisers. Does that even seem possible, let alone realistic?

On Badger football ranking: This has to do with the Badgers complaining that University of Central Florida leapfrogged ahead of them in the polls. Well, they were the only undefeated team in the country; they beat Auburn in the Peach Bowl, and Auburn beat the two teams that played in the championship game, Alabama and Georgia. Well, naturally they should leapfrog ahead of the Badgers, and they should have leapfrogged ahead of just about everybody on that balloting.

On help in bad weather: A big thank you to the Woodman’s personnel that load groceries in our vehicles in bad weather, especially these last weeks with the extreme cold.

On Highway 14: I hope that when any work is considered to resurface or upgrade Highway 14 west of Janesville to Evansville, the plan will include passing lanes in both directions or at least widening it to four lanes. An accident is always ready to happen there.