On garbage collection: Seriously, people, it’s winter. Garbage cans in the street? Why don’t you try putting them on your terrace? Or better yet, put them at the end of the driveway so when you come home after your hard day’s work, you actually bring them in within a week’s time.

On Wednesday Sound Off comment on sale of former GM plant: I didn’t realize that people didn’t know that this is not a city property. This is a private property sold to a corporation. I think it’s a great idea to put a ballpark there. If it’s that good of an idea, why didn’t he put his money down on it and bring the team to Janesville instead of Beloit? Remember, it all costs money. Put your money where you think your best investment is.

On upcoming Milton School Board election: I think it would be courteous for any candidate who happens to either be a business owner or a corporate officer of an entity that does business or financial transactions with the school board, that they disclose that during their campaign.

On Milton School Board member Brian Kvapil: Really, The Gazette publishes everything about Brian Kvapil, calls him a newsmaker of the year for a man who has done nothing but criticize. I’m starting to wonder if maybe he works for The Gazette.

On recent snowfall: Just curious that with the massive snowstorm we had last night, is there going to be another snow emergency, aka city employee overtime?

On global warming: To the global warming deniers who commented in Wednesday’s Sound Off: First, learn the difference between climate and weather. Then ask yourself where the snow is this winter.

It’s Thursday, Jan. 4, and it’s 7 degrees below zero. So after only one year in office, not only has Donald Trump fixed the economy, he’s also fixed global warming.

On Donald Trump: With free speech we have in America, Donald Trump is not above criticism if it’s fair.

How arrogant and ignorant is Trump to taunt North Korea’s Kim Jong Un over something as gravely serious as nuclear war?

Donald Trump now is just horrible that he has lessened the penalties for nursing homes that abuse or neglect a patient or resident. When are Paul Ryan and his colleagues going to stand up to this president? Better yet, all these members of Congress need to go spend a month in a nursing home and then decide if the penalty should be lessened or not.

On paying the bills: Who is going to pay for all of the things that our tax dollars pay for if we don’t pay taxes? Republicans say lower taxes, which is all well and good, but who’s paying for all the programs? You don’t see politicians going hungry, homeless or without health care or a paycheck. It always seems one sided: politicians against the real American people.

On Rep. Paul Ryan: This has to do with all these people complaining about the job that Paul Ryan has done. I think most of what it’s really about is people are just jealous of him because they haven’t been able to make anything out of their own life. So jealousy comes into play on that.

On Social Security: Social Security is not an entitlement. Workers contributed to this fund their whole working life. The government robbed the fund, misspending the money, and now calls it a welfare program. The people should sue the government to put the money back in the initial fund and pay back interest.

On Janesville City Council member Jens Jorgensen: In an interview with The Gazette, Jens Jorgensen said, ‘I look forward to another term’ (Wednesday, Page 7A). Someone should remind him that the voters have a say in whether he will return. I sure won’t support him. His entitled arrogance is enough reason to vote him out.

On bad driving: Years ago, the police officers used to set the example. They would drive the speed limit, use turn signals, have their lights on in the bad weather and not be on the phone. But now they are setting the example of speeding, no lights, cell phones in their ears, running stop signs. And then they want people to abide by the law?