On Monday story about rental assistance: Over in Rockford they’re doing a good job there. They’ve got less of a budget to work with, and they’re getting all the homeless off the street down there. I’m just wondering what’s wrong with Janesville and the state of Wisconsin? They take forever to get things fixed and don’t seem to know what they’re doing. I think they ought to take their directions from Rockford.

On last week’s snowfall: People are parked out on the road, and they don’t move their cars so the plow trucks can clean up. Then they drive around with snow all over their windows, and they can’t even see. I almost got hit by somebody. Why isn’t the city police enforcing these laws?

On customer service: It’s interesting that an increasing number of vendors provide website-only contacts for services and products without apparent thought that there are substantial numbers of seniors with financial resources far above the younger generations, and they don’t subscribe to computers, smartphones, etc. No website access, no transaction.

On credit for booming economy: The Wednesday Sound Off caller says the reason the economy is so great is because of Barack Obama. Well, the reason the economy is roaring right now and the Dow is up 8,000 points is not because of the tax cut. It’s because of 1,000 regulations that Donald Trump rescinded. These regulations were piled on business by the Obama administration, and that’s why the economy couldn’t grow over 1.5 percent under him. The tax cuts will kick in next year, and then the economy grow by 5 percent.

  • To the person who said Republicans take all the credit for what Democrats have done, I just want him to know we didn’t take credit for former Gov. Jim Doyle leaving a $3.5 billion deficit in the state of Wisconsin. We didn’t take credit for Obama doubling the people on free phones, doubling the people on welfare and doubling the country’s deficit. We also didn’t take credit for him illegally signing the Dream Act to let illegal immigrants stay in the country for free. We don’t take credit for all the great things you people do on the Democrat side.

On Hollywood hypocrisy: First at the Golden Globe Awards and now at the Academy Awards, we’ve heard how concerned Hollywood is about the sexual harassment of women. I ask who has sexualized and objectified women more than Hollywood? Who has sexually harassed more women than Hollywood? The answer to both those questions is no one.

On Tuesday story, “Sides vote to end shutdown”: The headline should say, ‘Democrats fold and vote to end shutdown’ because that’s what happened. The Democrats came off looking like they care more about illegal immigrants than they do about American citizens, and the reason is because they do.

  • Blaming Democrats is fake news. The Congressional Record for Friday, Jan. 19, says after the failure to pass a continuing resolution, the Democrats asked for a continuing appropriations for pay and death benefits for members of the armed services. It was the Republicans that objected to this, so military pay failed.

On Tuesday school shooting: Two dead, 17 injured in a Kentucky school shooting begs the question to the GOP and NRA: Is now the time?

On anthem kneelers: People need to find out exactly what the kneeling down is for. It’s not disrespecting the flag. It’s not disrespecting veterans. It’s for a much different reason. It’s a protest against the abuse that’s being done against minorities in this world, and it’s a good cause. People keep putting it towards the wrong thing.

On Gov. Scott Walker: Remember when Walker called President Trump ‘dumb-dumb’? This is our Walker who wanted to build a Canadian wall. Now who is the dumb-dumb?

On story about Milwaukee Street overhaul plan (Wednesday): I hope the artist rendering on the front page is an error on the back-in parking. Those vehicles are facing the wrong direction on the right side of the picture.

Editor’s note: The artist rendering is correct. The city is considering back-in angle parking, which officials believe is safer because drivers could more easily see traffic while exiting parking stalls.