On proposal to censure Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden: Spoden is a great guy, but you have to commend the Janesville Police Department for treating the powerful the way everybody else is. I think Spoden has to accept and endure the censure. He’s still going to get re-elected, but this carving out special privileges for the rich and powerful should not be tolerated locally.

  • If the county board does not censure or otherwise reprimand Sheriff Spoden, the board needs to consider the negative tone of mistrust that they will be setting from the head down.

On Wisconsin drinking habits: I just received my bimonthly AARP magazine. It has a photo of the United States and shows each state’s percentage of 65-plus adults who report chronic drinking. Wisconsin has the highest of all the states at 10.4 percent. This is a shameful statistic for Wisconsin. I implore our lawmakers to change our drinking problems.

On Jan. 14 story about Dorothy Harrell (Page 1A): The article written by Anna Marie Lux was fantastic, and I would put Harrell in the same category as Frances Willard and what she did through her young years and all through her life.

On Democrat winning state Senate seat: Cheers to the Democrats for winning the special election Tuesday in the five-county Republican stronghold in western Wisconsin. To Gov. Walker, Speaker Robin Voss, Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, the general population in Wisconsin does not like the $4.5 billion gift of our tax dollars to Foxconn for the benefit of this foreign company and Walker’s cronies. This Democrat win in the strong Trump district also points to the take-down of that 239-pound chronic liar.

On Trump’s vulgar comment: It’s funny that Democrats are terrified about President Trump making a derogatory comment in a meeting recently. These are the same folks who weren’t at all troubled that John Kennedy and Bill Clinton were having affairs in the White House, but Donald Trump says a naughty word, and he’s got to go.

  • Now we’re being told he’s a racist because he used vulgar language. The American people are getting tired of this nonsense. They want the people’s work conducted. The Democrat Party needs to step up and do their job.

On Rep. Paul Ryan: In response to the Jan. 7 Sound Off comment that people are jealous of Paul Ryan. No. It’s disgusted, disappointed and fed up. He has totally ignored the middle and poor class. Check his record of almost 20 years.

On local ski trails: My name is Christie, and I’m calling to comment on sharing the trails. To people walking on the trails, please do not walk in the cross-country ski trails that you may see. There is enough room for all of us to share the trails.

On planned Janesville fitness court: I think the downtown fitness court is a good thing, but I guess I’m thinking back to the good old days when the city had parks all over that had ice rinks. It was great times back then, so I like the downtown fitness court idea.

On wheel taxes: I don’t understand the thinking that only drivers should pay for wheel tax. We all use wheels. Everything we buy comes on wheels, one way or the other. Merchandise doesn’t miraculously appear at the store, hospital, gas station, etc. Hope you get my drift. We all benefit from wheels, and we all should pay.

On the Monterey Dam: If the voters of Janesville were given a chance to decide the fate of Monterey Dam, this issue would have been settled months ago. But instead, the city council took a play out of the D.C. swamp playbook, listened to the lobbyists and not the voters.

On Wednesday Sound Off complaint about Christmas lights: For heaven’s sake, I can’t find anything offensive about people having their Christmas lights up. I think they’re joyful. If people want to leave them up, they can leave them up all year long as far as I’m concerned. If they enjoy them, it’s their property. If they want to leave them up, nobody is paying their electric bill but them. I want to thank the people who have put them up because I really enjoy them.


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