On Grafft family buying former Pick ‘n Save site: The city once again has failed the south side. Will Jim Grafft let this building sit and deteriorate like he has done with the Monterey Hotel? This has been their habit. It’s a shame that the city cannot support the south side.

  • Such great news that the old Pick ‘n Save property was sold to Jim Grafft. Now we can all be assured that the property will remain vacant for many, many years ahead, just like the other properties he’s allowed to rot. Kudos, Mr. Grafft. Keep up the great work.

On proposed parking stalls for Janesville downtown: Who came up with the stupid idea of backing your car into a stall on Milwaukee Street? Some people can’t drive backward; they can’t even do it forward. Think about that before you decide.

On planned downtown fitness court: Who’s going to pay for the maintenance for the fitness court, such as snow and ice removal, security to keep thugs and drug dealers away, electricity bills for lighting a night and liability insurance? I don’t think the tooth fairy will pay. The bills just keep coming on and on.

On Wednesday story, ‘Final bell primed to ring at Janesville’s St. Patrick School” (Page 1A): It is so sad that St. Patrick’s School is closing. I’m very disappointed that the current principal wasn’t interviewed and the priest. How can those two people destroy a school in less than one year together?

On Trump State of the Union address: It was good. He had good points, but I’m tired of him talking about the football players. Free speech is free speech, and it’s not just for the flag of veterans. I am praying for him.

  • I’ve watched a lot of State of the Union addresses, and typically they are laundry lists of things that the president is going to do in the coming year and beyond. This was different because it was for the most part a laundry list of all the things that have already been accomplished in only one year. When you consider that the Democratic Party, the entire mainstream media, half the Republican Party and now we’re learning the intelligence agencies were all aligned against this president, his accomplishments are nothing less than extraordinary.
  • This is an observation on the disgusting performance of Democrats at the State of the Union. They are a broken political party that exhibited disrespect for the office of the presidency, our military and the citizens they represent. Just like petulant 2-year-olds in nursery school who didn’t get firsties on the swings.
  • This is on the Democratic response to the president’s State of the Union speech delivered by Rep. Joe Kennedy, III. Mr. Kennedy said to the DACA people we will never abandon you. But you watch. That’s exactly what the Democrats intend to do. Democrats will walk away because they want the issue, not the solution.

On the booming stock market: I wouldn’t jump on the stock market train too soon, now. Why? Because every time we have a Republican in the White House, we get into a recession. Just look at their record. Even Donald Trump mentioned this very same thing a few years ago, but he likes recessions because he has enough capital to weather the storm and pick up some great deals, he said

On Wednesday political cartoon (Page 4A): You had a caricature of President Trump that was despicable. You would think The Gazette would have a little respect for the office of the president of the United States, especially the day after the State of the Union address.

On Monday Armageddon Supplies burglary: If he didn’t want his gun shop broken into (it’s already been broken into two previous times), why wouldn’t you put bars on your windows like every other gun shop has? To me, it almost looks like he’s trying to get broken into. I think it’s really time to close that shop down and make him either relocate to where it’s more secure or make it so he no longer can sell guns because all the liability is ludicrous. There’s absolutely no excuse.