On mass shootings and gun control: I think it is time to stop publicizing mass shootings. We all need to have sympathy for the victims and their families, but the prolonged media coverage of these events is harmful. It gives potential perpetrators ideas and causes copycat instances. How many threats were issued last week just in Wisconsin in the two days after the massacre in Florida?

  • I stand with the kids, and there must be others in Janesville who do also. Nationally, three big marches in support of the kids are being planned for the coming weeks. Surely some person or group in Janesville can organize an event to demonstrate that even here in river city, the kids have support.
  • This has to do with the students in Florida demanding the government to conform to their ideas about guns. There is probably some legitimacy to that, but what they need to do is look within their schools at their own students and stop the ones that are bullying other students. Many of these students act out against other students because they’re being bullied. Teachers know who the bullies are; students know who the bullies are, but they just ignore that and want to blame the government for everything. They need to blame themselves for some of this.
  • I support the Second Amendment, all of the Second Amendment, including its first four words, “A well regulated militia....” Semi-automatic rifles with pistol grips and large capacity magazines belong in National Guard armories, not in the hands of an increasingly distressed and disturbed populous.
  • There is a lack of decency in the Republican Party and Trump supporters that they would accuse the children that survived the mass murder in Florida of being paid activists and actors. There’s a simple solution to this: Ban assault weapons and the attachments that will turn the guns into weapons of mass murder. Stop battering these kids with your ignorance and extremist lies.

On Feb. 16 GOP fundraiser in Key Biscayne, Florida: Just when you think Rep. Paul Ryan can’t get any more despicable, we find out he headed to Florida a mere three days after the Parkland shooting. He couldn’t find time to visit with the victims’ families, but he sure had plenty of time for big-money fundraising. Ryan is the epitome of who and what the Republican Party has become: heartless, greedy and un-American, and I am ashamed that he is from my hometown.

On recent shootings in Janesville: I’m glad the cops come to the newspaper to let us know that there are guns around, and they’re getting some use. But I wish they would talk about something far more dangerous to the average person, and that’s the horrible driving behavior that rules this city.

On buckling up pets: I love my pets. They are like family. Well, families use seat belts when they travel in a vehicle; your pets should be restrained, also. There are a lot of devices out there. Have you ever seen a pet with a brain concussion or all kinds of broken bones or maybe their heads cut off when you were being sideswiped? Pets get seriously injured, too, in accidents, so think ahead of all the dangers.

On Janesville schools’ five-year goals: I think it’s wonderful, and it was a very good Feb. 14 article (Promise progress, Page 1A). I absolutely love that it says providing students engaged and empowered instructional opportunities, which is also hands-on learning.

On Feb. 18 editorial, “Pick another polling place if possible”: I think it’s such a shame that you don’t think it’s right to vote in the police station. Of all the places, that is the safest place in Janesville. If they’re living like they should, they are very happy with the police services. The only reason you don’t want them there is some black people are afraid because they’re not living what the law says.

On daylight saving: Daylight saving time should be in effect from Memorial Day until Labor Day. It’s not that beneficial during March, April, mid-September and October. It is not always that light when children are going to bus stops at 7 a.m., daylight saving time.

Editor’s note: Daylight saving time starts at 2 a.m. Sunday, March 11.