On Janesville City Council seeking to move polling place: This is in reference to the story (Tuesday, Page 2A) about people not thinking it’s right to have a polling place at the police department. Shame on those people for not feeling comfortable after everything that the police do for us, and double shame on the city council people who agreed with them. Something tells me you’re not living your life right if you’re afraid to go to a police station.

On Friday’s fog: I don’t think that parents should have to tell their kids to turn on their lights when it’s foggy, but I just counted seven cars with no lights on today during this dense fog. I think it should be common sense. I tried to flash my lights at one girl to let her know that her lights weren’t on, and she was too busy texting to notice.

On Sound Off criticism of Janesville plowing: Damned if you do. If you don’t like the way your street is plowed or when, why don’t you do it yourself? Gripe, gripe, gripe. And for you people who have trash bins or vehicles on the street, you should be ticketed. Trash bins can be put at the edge of your driveway. A little common sense goes a long way.

On Milton athletic facilities: Saying the swimming pool loses water is a half-truth. Water loss is due to the normal process of evaporation for a pool of that size. The evaporation increased some after new heat exchangers were installed, but the water loss is still in the acceptable range.

  • About the Milton School Board meeting (story on Tuesday, Page 1A), it was very disappointing because it seemed like it was an orchestrated effort to belittle board member Brian Kvapil because he does not first and foremost jump on the athletic facility upgrade bandwagon. He instead has been steadfastly trying so hard to keep the safety and security of the buildings at front and center of the school district, and he gets belittled for that.

On U.S. gold medalist Shaun White: Let him enjoy the gold medal. Enough of the sexual misconduct. Aren’t we all guilty of it at one point in our lives? Don’t make it so we’re afraid to even smile at a woman or a man. I am sick of it. Please stop with the sexual misconduct allegations.

On election security: All indications point to the imminent cyberattack on our mid-term elections. A possible solution to stifle such attack: Return to pen and pencil votes and non-computer, hand-ballot counting.

On Feb. 10 story, “Deficit hawks? That was then” (Page 1A): The headline was terribly misleading. The GOP haven’t been deficit hawks for at least 40 years. If you look at real numbers, the deficit has grown under the GOP and only cut in years when there’s a Democrat in the White House. The GOP likes to say they’re against deficits, but they only use it as an excuse to cut the strings off the safety net for the poorest and weakest among us.

On Rep. Paul Ryan: Wouldn’t it be nice if our congressman was interested in our problems like the outrageous price of prescription drugs, the outrageous increase in the price of cable TV and the outrageous price of dental care? Does Paul Ryan even see these bills?

On tax cut effects: It’s Thursday, Feb. 15. Today is the day employers have to start withholding your taxes at a lower rate. That means more money in your pocket at the end of the week. Who can you thank for this? Not the Democrats because not a single Democrat in Washington voted in favor of you getting more money at the end of the week. That’s because they believe that the government can spend the money better than you can, and that’s one of the fundamental differences between Republicans and Democrats.

On last Sunday’s special section: Just wanted to say thanks to Parker High School, the Janesville School District and The Gazette for putting together such a nice celebration for 50 years of Parker High School being in existence. Congratulations, and it’s fun to look at the pictures and how the kids are so happy.


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