On St. Patrick’s School planning to close: This message is for those people who are so concerned about St. Patrick’s closing their school. They must be new to the area because I’ve been around for a long time, and for over 40 years there’s been talk of closing the school. Those of you who are so concerned, have you volunteered when volunteers were called for? Have you been contributing to the support of the school to help keep it open?

On an open letter to Rep. Paul Ryan: Enclosed, please find a check for $1.50 to be used for your campaign. I am sure that will pay for part of your expenses while running your campaign to keep the United States of America a joke like it is now.

On the stock market correction: Trump’s actions recently prove just how wrong one can be. His expressed credit for his role in the past two months for the stock market’s growth, but the tanking and rebound of the Dow show how little effect his office has. But his comments calling Democratic congress members ‘un-American’ and ‘treasonous’ generate total disgust.

  • Trump’s policies are actually growing the economy. This makes interest rates go up, and the stock market is no longer the only place to grow your money. So the president’s policies can have a very significant effect on what the stock market does.

On Trump’s proposed military parade: A real billionaire sends a rocket into space and inspires a new generation to reach for the stars. A fake billionaire needs a military parade and inspires old people to think the world is flat.

  • He has done nothing to deserve any kind of military recognition of respect. I had relatives who died in Vietnam, and while they were fighting for his backside, he was searching for more bone spurs to keep him home.
  • Trump wants a big military parade so he can be like his idol, Little Rocket Man. Having a parade like this would do nothing but waste taxpayer money. If Trump wanted to see the military up close, he shouldn’t have gotten five deferments. Way to go, Capt. Bone Spurs.
  • If our president wants to honor our military, he should take care of their homelessness, their physical and mental health and adequately supply and support our troops. While our troops are fighting in unforgiving conflicts all over the globe, they don’t need to have representatives marching down Pennsylvania Avenue to satisfy his ego.

On the Devin Nunes memo: That so-called House Intelligence Committee is under complete Republican control; it’s just a diversionary attack on the Mueller investigation. This is a textbook attack the very same Republicans used in their attempt to clear Richard Nixon, and it will be the very same outcome.

  • Every single Democrat on the intelligence committee voted against releasing it and the people’s right to know. Now the Democrats want to release a rebuttal memo, which is basically to spin the other memo and make it look not so devastating, and every single Republican votes in favor of releasing it. When it comes to the people’s right to know and transparency, it’s pretty obvious which party is in favor of that and which party is against that.

On proposed tax credits for Kimberly-Clark: Hey, Gov. Scott Walker, don’t spend all of our hard-earned tax money. It’s hard to believe Kimberly-Clark and Foxconn need all the help. Kimberly-Clark is very wealthy. Save some help for the mom-and-pop businesses.

On the downtown Monterey Hotel: It’s not worth saving, and it should be torn down.

On factory farms: Family dairy farming is one of the vertebrae of this state. It’s one of the businesses that built this state. When large dairy factory farms come into play, it only hurts our state and pollutes our air, water, land and beautiful scenery. What a shame to displace our family dairy farms and destroy our land for factory dairy farming.

On snow plowing: Some streets get plowed in my neighborhood and then five hours later, our street gets plowed. Wouldn’t they all be plowed at the same time?