On Congress passing tax reform: Paul Ryan says he was flipping burgers at McDonald’s the last time there was a tax cut. I was working on the assembly line at General Motors 10 hours a day. Paul’s biggest failure will always be that he couldn’t save our jobs.

  • I think that Paul Ryan should let the residents of Wisconsin know when he’s going to be paying more taxes instead of standing there gloating with the president on the TV set just before Christmas. Merry Christmas, Paul Ryan.
  • Liberals upset with the new tax bill can do their part to facilitate income redistribution. Cash in your retirement and investment gains along with your tax refund and give that money to those with lower incomes than yours.
  • Middle-class people, don’t start spending all that money you think you will get. After a year, maybe less, Paul Ryan will decide the deficit is too high and start cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, plus other programs he has wanted to cut for years. There goes your money and, of course, blame it all on the Democrats.
  • Democrats are out saying that this tax law is worse than the Fugitive Slave Act. For those of you who don’t know, the Fugitive Slave Act said that runaway slaves should be hunted down and returned to their masters. So the Democrats think that doubling the child tax credit and doubling the standard deduction for average Americans is worse than hunting down runaway slaves.
  • I’m ready to do my income taxes. Where is my postcard? Oh, it doesn’t start for another year. Oh never mind. Just another lie.
  • With all the noise about tax cuts lately, how about the poor slobs in Wisconsin who have to put out almost $1,000 a month in some cases for property tax? How about some relief there, Mr. Scott Walker?

On man accused of hurting dog: As far as Monday’s story (Page 1A) on the man who scalded the dog with the boiling water, just give him to a few of us animal lovers, and we’ll hold him under that scalding shower and see how he likes it until his skin starts to peel off. It may be not very Christian to say that, but what is wrong with these people that they treat animals so terribly?

  • I recommend that Sunny simply be put to sleep and go to doggy heaven. No amount of time and money will ever bring her back to being her normal self. As the owner of two dogs, I also recommend a judge decree that Cody Sholes be sentenced to sitting in a bathtub for 15 minutes with scalding hot water pouring down on him. No amount of a fine would be suitable payment for the evil thing he did.
  • Who is more cruel: the abuser or the well-meaning folks who refuse to put her out of her misery but will torture her with medical procedures for years? She needs compassionate, tough love.

On Tuesday editorial, “Board justified in censuring Sheriff Spoden”: I agree with the Gazette’s opinion. The county board should definitely censure Spoden. The county board is in charge. This rests on their shoulders, and they need to do what’s right and show some sort of reprimand for basically their employee who acted improperly.

On blaming semis for bad roads (Sound Off, Wednesday): With the person blaming bumper-to-bumper semis for rough roads, that’s because of a lack of maintenance and the money to furnish the maintenance. It’s not from the semis. I’m a fellow driver, and we pay enough in permits and regulations. That is due to lack of maintenance on the roads and Wisconsin weather.

On town of Janesville suing resident over extra horses: I wonder how many defenders of Porsche Kettelhut are also the same people who stand against so-called factory farms. The zoning ordinances on animals per square acre exists to protect both the animals and the landowners around the property.

On the Craig High School lunch hour: If they would stay in the lunchroom because we just spent $70 million on two high schools, they wouldn’t have to worry about more time to drive around like idiots. For those 18 and over, fine, open campus. If under 18, you stay at school.