On county recommendation to save Upper Courthouse Park: The resolution to save the park sounds reasonable to me. My only question is, where did the county board come up with a price tag of about $6 million and will the job be put up for bids?

On city’s new leaf vacuum truck: Perhaps with the new vacuum truck, the city should go around and tidy up the curbs rather than with a sweeper. Vacuum it all up. Do the whole city real nice and fast and make it look nice and pretty. I hope they take this advice. They have the equipment.

On dismal TV viewing: I was wondering if anyone could give me a good reason why all of sudden, this being the Christmas time of the year, there’s stories on Jeffery Dahmer on TV, the Menendez brothers and Charles Manson. Thankfully, he finally died, and we don’t have to support him in prison anymore. Why do we need to know anything else? It makes no sense why all this is on TV.

On walking on rural roads: It’s nice to see people exercising with their dogs, but remember that the National Highway Safety Administration rules of the road state that when there are no sidewalks on rural roads, you are to walk facing traffic, not with your back to them and with your earbuds in. We want to make sure you hear us coming.

On Trump’s response to North Korea missile launch: Trump’s response was, ‘It will be taken care of.’ What does that mean? North Korea continues to fire these missiles. What is Donald Trump doing to stop it? It is frightening every time this happens.

On 3.3-percent economic growth: This is amazing. Donald Trump, a bumbling knuckle-dragging moron, is able to do this three times in the first three quarters of his presidency, yet Barack Obama, the smartest man who ever strode the planet, couldn’t do it once in eight years.

Do the Trumpsters think the American people are clueless? It was eight years of overspending on two wars, excessive tax cuts for the rich and lax regulations prior to Obama that fueled the great recession. The loss of homes, businesses, jobs, the debt, food stamps and family problems goes to Bush. Trump can thank Obama for bringing the country back. The economy was well on its way to recovery before Trump.

On the Congressional Budget Office: The CBO has said if the tax cuts go through, it will cause the debt to grow by $1.5 trillion in the next 10 years. If that happens, it will be two firsts. It will be the first time tax cuts have ever caused the debt to grow, and it will be the first time the CBO has ever been right about anything they have scored. Beyond that, have you ever heard any of these people complain about what was going to happen to the debt when they’re creating a new government bureaucracy or a new spending program?

On Trump calling Sen. Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas”: That was wrong of the president. He should have called her Focahontas with an ‘F’ because she’s a phony. This woman has appropriated an entire group of people and used them for monetary gain, claiming to be 1/32nd Cherokee and listing herself as a minority.

On American exceptionalism: This country has never been great. The idea was to strive for greatness. Our history of violence, racism, greed and hypocrisy is not great.

On the core of the Marine Corps: I’m a Marine Corps veteran of the Korean War. When we were fighting over there, we weren’t fighting for these billionaires to make more money. We were fighting for the people over here that work. We don’t fight for the rich guy. We fight for the working class.

On new training for lawmakers: It would almost be funny if it wasn’t so sad that grown men in Washington pass sexual anti-harassment training on how to behave in public.

On photo of public official (Thursday, Page 7B) giving woman a hug: I’m wondering with all the sexual inappropriateness in the paper lately, if that will be deemed inappropriate and called sexual misconduct.

On Monday ‘thumbs down’ to eggnog: To the editorial writer who disparaged eggnog as a ‘thumbs down,’ I have but one word, Korbel.


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