On dog surviving gunshot (Page 3A, Wednesday): I’ve seen pictures on TV, and it looks to me like maybe it wasn’t a shot because it didn’t go all the way through. Normally if someone has shot something, it would have probably taken the nose right off the dog, but I think there’s something else involved there.

On nonprofit executive pay (Page 1A, Dec. 10): This is in reference to the YMCA CEO Tom Den Boer’s pay. I am appalled at the amount of salary that Tom Den Boer receives from the YMCA. Den Boer and YMCA Board President Jason Engledow should be ashamed for what they have taken and continue to take away from the children and families of the YMCA.

  • The first thing the overseers should be looking at is the compensation for the higher-ups of these nonprofit organizations. I have to watch my money. They should have to watch theirs. There’s no respect there for the people who give to them, and that’s totally out of line.
  • After taking my husband to chemo this morning, we again had to wait nearly two hours for the chemo to be prepared and made up. This is the umpteenth time this has happened. I’m also seeing that Mercyhealth CEO Javon Bea makes $8.3 million-plus a year, and I’m wondering how come a nonprofit has to make sick people wait when they need to be seen and taken care of.

On traveling Highway 11: We like living in Delavan, but we do not like the driving there due to the lack of police patrol on Highway 11, especially when schools are dismissed. I would pay more taxes if it would help make a safer community and more driver compliance.

On Gov. Scott Walker: Walker is on the path to destroying our beautiful state with no regard for our environment or our people. Like the rest of the GOP, he is only interested in his own agendas, party and ego.

On President Trump: The liberals just hate President Trump. He’s not like them. In other words, he’s different, and they just can’t stand it, but that’s exactly why he was elected. Where is the diversity the liberals tell us is good? Maybe they should practice it themselves.

  • Can you imagine the ignorance of anyone who would think that Hillary would be worse than this buffoon named Trump running our country?

On assertions Obama tipped off U.S. enemies: I bet Osama bin Laden and other ISIS leaders wish that were a true statement.

On Roy Moore defeat: I’m pleased with the results of the special U.S. Senate election in Alabama, but I’m distressed about the apparent change in our legal system. You are now guilty until proven innocent, not as our Constitution and heritage proclaim that you are innocent until proven guilty.

On Sen. Al Franken resigning: The people of Minnesota elected Al Franken. It wasn’t Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, so who are they to say he has to go? This goes to show how little respect they have for the will of the people and how little they think an election actually matters. Franken works for the people of Minnesota who put him there, and the people of Minnesota should decide whether he stays or goes.

On women in combat: I’m referring to the person that responded in the Dec. 10 Sound Off about sending women into combat. I would certainly hope that our people serving the country now are not killing any babies.

  • Since that time of branding Vietnam War veterans as baby killers, there were thousands and thousands of veterans who committed suicide. We blame these protesters at the airports, at the colleges, on the streets, at the auto plant here in Janesville and the UAW Local 95, and some of those attacks are criminal in our opinion. My dad said, ‘If they do it to a combat vet, they’d do it to anybody.’

On the Janesville Fire Department: In regards to the Tuesday story (Page 1A) about the Janesville Fire Department, I really think they should be investigated, and if they come to my business, I’ll show you what stupidity we businesses are dealing with.

On “White Christmas” at Parker High School: A wonderful show, topnotch entertainment. I certainly hope they make that an annual event. It was just great.


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