On complaints filed about Milton School Board candidates’ signs: I would like to thank candidates Brian Kvapil and Harvey Smith for standing up against the lobbying group of Vote Yes for Kids, Inc. Your little $200 signs that you paid for yourself are a drop in the bucket compared to the $59,000 in contributions the Vote Yes group received, including money from the sports groups.

  • Yes, people do need to follow the rules. However, it just seems to be a fairly minor infraction compared to a lot of the things that the Vote Yes for Kids organization has done.
  • So now Brian Kvapil breaks the law with his campaign signs and doesn’t care. I guess if you are someone who thinks it’s OK to bully kids, laws don’t mean anything either. He’s lost my vote.

On student marches for gun control: This has to do with this 50-mile walk these student made from Madison to Rep. Paul Ryan’s hometown. I think it’s wonderful that they got the exercise, but if they were trying to use that walk as making something change, I believe they failed miserably. Where they need to make change is in their hallways at school and confront the bullies that are causing a lot of this grief for the young kids that are committing these crimes. People are tired of being bullied, and this is their way to act out. So Paul Ryan’s office is not the answer.

  • The students who brought a strong message to Paul Ryan were not protesters. They were truth speakers, and as such they spoke eloquently. They got the attention of the national media. Paul Ryan, are you listening?
  • Isn’t it ironic that these people who march try to compare themselves to the civil rights movement? The civil rights marches were held to gain rights, while these marches are being held to take rights away. Am I the only one that sees the irony?
  • I just want to thank the one who said ‘march for Democrats’ (Sound Off, Wednesday) because that only shows that Democrats are the only ones who care about our children’s lives more than they do their guns.
  • There is a push to take your guns away. If you people want to keep your gun rights, you better get out to the polls in November and vote for Republicans.
  • People seem to interpret things very differently. No one is saying ban all guns. The ones of mass destruction should have an age limit of 21 before you can buy one and a background check. People who own them should have them secured, including all weapons.

On Monterey Dam: Citizens of Janesville, if you wish to preserve the Monterey Dam and keep the river level in downtown Janesville at its present level, this spring election, vote out the city council members that wish to remove the dam and vote in the city council candidates that wish to preserve the dam. It is your choice.

On the media: For months, all we’ve heard is Russia, Russia, Russia. Now, nothing. Because, well, there was no Russian collusion, at least not between the Trump campaign and the Russians. So now the media wants to talk about Stormy Daniels. It’s pathetic, and they’re embarrassing themselves.

On Stormy Daniels: You might remember when Bill Clinton was president. Woman after woman came forward, and these were normal woman. They made accusations not about consensual affairs but about groping, assault and even rape. The media ignored it and trashed these women. Now we have a porn star coming forward for her 15 minutes of fame and to make money, and she’s given credibility. If the American people didn’t care when Bill Clinton had a 20-year-old intern on her knees in the Oval Office, they certainly don’t care that Donald Trump had a consensual affair 10 years before he ran for president.

On Wednesday story, “She specialized in calendar creations” (Page 1A): As she always does, Anna Marie Lux did a fine job on the article about Mary Singleton, but it was lacking one fact: Where in the Janesville area can we buy a LANG calendar?

Editors note: You can find information about nearby stores that sell LANG Company products using the company’s store locator at its website, thelangcompanies.com.