On Milton School Board election: Whatever the outcome of Tuesday’s election, it is time for Milton to come together. The vote “yes” folks were not wrong to ask for a new school, and the vote “no” folks were not wrong to ask for a less expensive option. This pointing fingers and blaming others is getting us nowhere and needs to stop on both sides. Let’s move forward. I would love to see some positive Sound Offs about Milton in The Gazette.

On Supreme Court race: Congratulations to Rebecca Dallet on her Supreme Court victory Tuesday night. And to all the future Republicans that are coming up for election—you’ll be next to get the axe.

  • Take heed, conservatives. The blue wave is coming fast and furious.

On Saturday story, “A new sidewalk spat” (Page 1A): I hope that the city and that building owner can work things out. Just keep in mind the grass isn’t always greener in other communities. Sometimes initially it seems real bright and cheery to move to another community, but sometimes down the road after you’ve been established for a while, things aren’t as rosy as they appear to be in the beginning.

  • I feel that the South River Street project should be halted because of the fact they are telling us one thing and doing another. What they had proposed was nothing like what they are showing in the pictures now, and I think it’s not right that the city manager shoves it down everybody’s throat.

On Tuesday story, “China raises tariffs on US products” (Page 1A): Notice it doesn’t say, ‘China puts tariffs on US products.’ That’s because China already has tariffs. Other countries have been doing this to us all along. We just haven’t reciprocated. Anyone who thinks there’s one country out there that has less to lose than America, they’re wrong. Who is China going to sell their junk to if we don’t buy it?

On stock market volatility: Our stock market has taken quite a dip. For those people who believe that Social Security should be privatized and people should invest their money, take a good look at the losses on Wall Street and fight against privatizing Social Security.

On Tuesday story, “Run, hide, fight and drill, drill, drill” (Page 1A): When I read that article, I wanted to pull my hair out. Resource officer Todd Bailey encourages teachers to use scissors and chairs at a gun fight and hide behind tables bullets go right through. Really? A small pistol locked in a desk makes a 100 times more sense.

On Janesville School District new grading system: Now let me get this straight: If a student doesn’t turn in work or have studied for a test to get a possible grade, you don’t get a zero and can retake the test after he gets answers from friends. Why go to school? How do teachers feel about the standards-based system? Why are teachers not allowed the freedom to use various teaching assignments and techniques to get the best out of their students to know what they learn, know and retain?

On TV news: Has anyone listened to the local or state news lately? Where is the news? Do we need endless repetitive weather reports in a 30-minute segment coupled with sports that leaves maybe seven minutes of actual news?

On student march to Janesville last month: I wish they had been supplied with trash bags. The road sides are littered with trash like never before. That would benefit many people, not just be a hollow statement.

On pedestrians: Has anyone told pedestrians to look both ways before they step out into the street, or even if they are stepping out onto a crosswalk? Are they just trying to get hit so they can sue someone? Who do they think they are, King Kong?

On scalloped potato recipe (Tuesday, Page 5A): I’m calling about your recipes that you publish from your Every Day section. This one was scalloped potatoes, which was really old fashioned and doesn’t look like it’s really that healthy. I wish you would feature more recipes that are current and have healthy ingredients and also feature like spring vegetables because it’s spring, or summer vegetables because it’s summer.